Review: Jesus is King by Kanye West

By Nathan C. Vance


Waste of Kokomo: Comics and The Six Emperors

By Waste of Kokomo Podcast: Brian Blunt, Leonard Pigg, and Jimmy Shaw Today’s guests include Lisa and Wendy. Podcast discussions include: The Six Emperors comic strip, Dungeons and Dragons RPG, Breakfast Anytime Improv Group, the movies of Kevin Smith, and the difficulties of creating comics and building success in the modern world. Six Emperors, courtesy…

Are These The Top Ten Drum Corps Shows of All Time?

The staff at Amos asked the public and then scoured the Internet for the best DCI shows of all time. These are the ones that received the most (unscientifically gathered) votes, listed in reverse order. 10. 2000 Cadets, “We Are the Future” 9. 2014 Bluecoats, “Tilt” 8. 1990 Star of Indiana, “Belshazzar’s Feast” 7. 1991…