Vicey Roberts (1861-1932)

Vicey Roberts [1]

B: 18 November 1861, Pike County, Kentucky

D: 3 October 1932, Draffin, Pike County, Kentucky

Daughter of James Thomas Roberts (1839-1885) and Mary Etta McCoy (1834-1896)

The headstones of Mary Etta McCoy Roberts and James Thomas Roberts

Sibling of: Ricely (1863-1940), Robert (1866-1885), Cordelia (1868-1948), Alexander (1870-1947), Caldonia [2] (1874-1896), Minnie (1878-1953), Virgy B [3] (1879- )

Married 6 June 1878 in Pike County, Kentucky to Alderson Ratliff [4] (1858-1931), son of Thompson Ratliff (1835-1920) and Elizabeth Ann Powell (1835-1920).

Children: Bessie 1878-1973, Kentucky [5] 1882-1970, Julia C. 1883-1963, Effie [6] 1885-, John 1887-1969, Dow 1890-1946, Cora 1892-1907, Lit 1896-1979, Ralph 1902-1967, Alpha R 1905-1973, Bart 1907-1966, and Rush Lee 1908-1946. All last names: Roberts.

1870: Lived in District 6, Pike County, Kentucky

1880: Lived in Marrowbone Creek, Pike County, Kentucky

1900: Lived in Lower Elkhorn, Pike County, Kentucky

1910: Lived in Magisterial District 8, Pike County, Kentucky

1920: Lived in Looney, Pike County, Kentucky

1930: Lived in District 8, Pike County, Kentucky

Burial: Pike County, Al and Vicy Ratliff Memorial Cemetery

Pike County, Kentucky

[1] Spelled both “Vicy” and “Vicey”; most certainly a derivative/nickname for Levisa (itself a variation of Louisa)

[2] Or “Caledonia.” A family name through generations with multiple spellings. A reference to Scotland.

[3] Virgy B, also known as Virgie B, a name repeated across several generations. Possibly this one died young?

[4] Alderson was frequently called both “Al” and “A.L” in documents of the time. The cemetery named for him and Vicey calls him “Al.”

[5] Generally known as “Tucker,” “Tuck”

[6] Also known as “Ettie.” Possibly died young.