The Who We Are Section: Our tag line is “defying niches.” Amos is a general interest magazine that refuses to play nicely with the idea that media should be specialized or that people, workers, pages, you name it should be compartmentalized or limited. Amos believes firmly that most people have a zillion (give or take) interests, moods, and reading desires. Our goal is to provide an open forum for thoughts of (almost) every stripe. Yeah, we’ll say it proudly outright: no hate speech, libel, NSFW content is welcome here but anything else goes. The beauty of the Internet is the breadth and depth of thought, information, and entertainment accessible at any time to everyone. Amosmag.com is not limited in topic because the Internet isn’t, the world isn’t, and you certainly aren’t. We welcome thought, opinion, fiction, hilarity, poems. We welcome, in fact, you— and everything you might or might not like. (Again, unless it’s hate speech, libelous, salacious, or just trying to shill something. Amosmag.com is welcoming, open, and wide-ranging. But we’re neither trashy nor cheap.)

The Podcast Info: We have a podcast, subtly titled “Amoscast.” You can find it on many different streaming platforms. For the full list please check our podcast base at Anchor.fm where you can also leave a voice message. And if you would like us to host your audio things, just contact us (see the Contributors page or email us at amosmagdotcom@gmail.com or DM us on Twitter or Instagram — both under the quite original name of “amosmagdotcom”). There’s also a contact form at the bottom of this page.

The Disclaimer Section: All opinions expressed belong solely to the author credited. Citation of quotes does not imply endorsement or agreement of persons or ideas unless explicitly stated. Similarly, sponsored ads or content will always be clearly labeled; a sponsored tag does not denote agreement or approval of any other content found on Amos. All reviews are honest and independent: a good opinion cannot be purchased. No products or compensation were received in exchange for reviews unless otherwise stated.

All written content belongs to its author and is used with permission. As much as possible, images within articles will be attributed to their creator or owner when they are not original. Some featured images on the front page will occasionally be the products of other creators. If you see your image and believe you have not been properly credited or would like your image removed, please contact us.

The We’re All Capitalists Here Section: Want an ad, specialized and personalized sponsored content, social media management, a sub-page, page, or guest article? We can do that for you here at Amos. Contact us.

The We’re All Capitalists Here, Too Section: You can invest in Amos. Yes, you really can. Investors share in half the profits of Amosmag.com. We are also branching into video and podcasting. Get in on the ground floor. Be an investor. Contact us. (More on finances, profit-sharing, and stuff: see our Contributor page. Scroll past the Guest section.)

The Support Us Section: Amos intends always to keep its content free for everyone. But we’d also dearly love to pay our writers and investors. You can send us a dollar or two via secured online payment here.It’s a tip jar, basically. And the staff here at Amos can’t tell you how much we appreciate anything you’d like to give.

The Writers/Podcasters/Videographers/Creators Wanted Section: Sure, you could submit your podcast, video, or novella to YouTube or SoundCloud or Amazon or your own site. But why would you want to do that when you could be officially a contributor to Amosmag.com: a general magazine defying niches? Want to submit up to three pieces? You’re a guest. Please contact us. Want to be a contributor? Contributors split 50 percent of the profits evenly amongst themselves (remember, investors grab the other 50 percent). Sure, we reserve the right to edit content and images. But still, you always have the final say as the creator. So, what are you waiting for, you, person with ideas? (Want more info? Check out the Contributor page, scroll down past guests. Everything is there.)

The We’re on Social Media Section: Please do us a solid and follow us on Micro.blogTwitter ,Instagram, We engage with comments and love to interact. So talk to us in any of these places.

The Hey, We Have Merch Section:  Yeah, Amos has pretty awesome swag. Check us out here for the best shirts, coffee mugs, and things you’ve ever, ever seen.

Updated:  18 April 2021.

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