Waste of Kokomo Podcast: The Gobel Conspiracy

By Brian Blunt, Leonard Pigg, and Jimmy Shaw

This podcast includes some mature language and content, including references to cannabis. Please don’t play this for toddlers.

All opinions expressed belong solely to their speaker and not to any other speakers, writers, contributors, affiliates, or advertisers of Amosmag.com, amosmagdotshop, Amoscast, or Amos Media.

Today’s guests include Sean Delrymple, Granny J, and Davey Ras Mumaw. The headliner is comedian Gerry Gobel. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.

Part one: chatter, introductions, and cannabis legalization. Goings on in Kokomo and Indianapolis.

Part two: The craft and business of stand-up comedy.

Part three: Government, politics, and conspiracy theories.

Show notes and links can be found following the podcast player. You can leave comments here or by voice message at Anchor.fm or on the Facebook page for Waste of Kokomo. Don’t forget to look for the show on your favorite podcast platform. Thanks for listening.

Waste of Kokomo: Movies, Crop Dusting, and Sex as a Diet Amoscast

By Brian Blunt, Sean Delrymple, Leonard Pigg, and Jimmy Shaw. Show notes: https://amosmag.com/2020/10/15/waste-of-kokomo-movies-crop-dusting-and-sex-as-a-diet/ — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

Show Notes and Links:

211.org (You can also call the phone number 211 for assistance: food, shelter, health, services.)

Amos: EtsyInstagramTwitterYouTube. You can always email us at amosmagdotcom@gmail.com

Bill Burr

The Bungalow Tavern, Logansport, Indiana

Cook McDoogal’s, Kokomo, Indiana

Crackers Comedy Club, Indianapolis, Indiana

First Church of Cannabis, Indianapolis, Indiana

Mulligan’s Sports Pub, Kokomo, Indiana

Not Necessarily Kokomo News

Who’s Yer Coustic

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