The Waste of Kokomo Heat Challenge, 2020

By Waste of Kokomo podcast staff

Do you love to defeat the Scoville scale?

Do you like hot stuff, hot peppers, the hotter the better, because you can take it?

Are jalapeños tame for you?

Have we got a challenge for you!

Waste of Kokomo (a world-famous podcast) is recording a live hot pepper “can you handle it” challenge.

And you, random person, can be a part of it. Recorded for posterity and publicized widely.

Short version: eat hot, spicy thing as a challenge. Be on a podcast. Super fun.

Here’s How to Enter: Visit the Waste of Kokomo post for this contest (link) “like” and “share” the post, and comment “Bring it on.”

Conditions and Rules:

By March 15, 2020, you must be at least 18 years of age.

You must be able and willing to attend and participate in a podcast recording in Kokomo, Indiana.

You must be willing (obviously) to eat something incredibly spicy according to directions from the manufacturer of the spicy product.

You must be willing to be live on Facebook and live and/or recorded on other media while taking the challenge.

The winner will be chosen at random from a blind drawing of all qualified applicants. The drawing will happen on the March 15 recording of the podcast.

The winner will be notified via the podcast and Facebook. So check back for details.

Those entering do so at their own risk. Amos and Waste of Kokomo are NOT responsible for any health damage resulting from ingesting super spicy things as part of a challenge. Obvi.

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