Waste of Kokomo: Geeking Out at Paradigm Comics

By Leonard Pigg

This podcast definitely includes some adult language and themes. Please don’t play it for toddlers.

Today’s guest is Aaron Kane from Paradigm Comics and Cafe in Kokomo, Indiana. This podcast was recorded live at Paradigm.

The interview is a fantastically wide-ranging discussion that travels from Kokomo’s arcade history (Aladdin’s Castle and Jolly Time) through movies and gaming, toys and collectibles, with a slight detour through the shootings in Kokomo from Chicago transplants (or not). [This is a very slight detour.]

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you’re gonna love this trip down memory lane. Super funny. Super informative.

309 East Deffenbaugh Street, Kokomo, IN

If you visit Paradigm Comics Cafe, you can get 20% off your purchase by checking in online. Details here.

Listen or download here.

Show Notes and Links, Etc.

City Line Trolley and Public Transportation in Kokomo

Curse of the Queer Wolf is a real thing that exists.
The trailer for the movie D.A.R.Y.L., 1985

Free Comic Book Day is May 2, 2020 this year.

How to Migrate to Australia

Kokomo Perspective

Kokomo Toys and Collectibles

Kokomo Tribune: “Fact-checking political claims about crimes, roads, Chicago influx.” (Here)

Morris the Cat, Nine Lives (1984)
New Order

Six Emperors via Sexy Beard Club Press.

Tonto, Tarzan, and Frankenstein (Saturday Night Live)

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