The Ten Most Wanted List, October 2018


The Amos staff chooses their ten most wanted items for October, 2018. (Yes, most links lead to Amazon because we are — full disclosure—an Amazon affiliate. Similarly, one of the links goes to our very own shop on Etsy. Because…it’s our site.) That being said, all items have been curated and chosen by writers and staff of Amos and are genuinely objects we love. If you love them, too, fantastic. We hope you do.

1.) Women’s Strap Open Back Long Sleeve Cut Out Top Workout Casual Shirt (Also available in navy and wine) (2.) Bamboo Towels – Heavy Duty Eco Friendly Machine Washable Reusable Bamboo Towels – One roll replaces 6 months of paper towels. (3.) “Vanity” phone cases for both iPhone and Samsung (4.) Women’s Foldover Bootie/Boot  (5.) Accio Candy Onesie (Infant/Baby Bodysuit; available in white, pink, or grey). Decorate your kid for Halloween. (6.) Genuine opal, peridot, and sterling silver ring. (7.) Werther’s Caramel Apple filled candies. Perfect for fall. (8.) Quick Chop Salad Bowl. Genius. (9.) Crayola Pip Squeaks 64 count markers (because the only thing better than a big box of brand-new crayons is a big box of 64 twee markers.) (10.) Clean like a boss. Set of three cleaning brush attachments for your power drill.


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Unisex Hoodie. Click to view on Etsy.


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