The Ten Most Wanted List: Queen Bee Costume

The Amos staff chooses their ten most wanted items to make a Queen Bee costume. (Yes, most links lead to Amazon because we are — full disclosure—an Amazon affiliate. Similarly, one of the links goes to our very own shop on Etsy. Because…it’s our site.) That being said, all items have been curated and chosen by writers and staff of Amos and are genuinely objects we love. If you love them, too, fantastic. We hope you do.

1.) Black sequin camisole tank top (2.) Antennae headband (3.) Wings! (4.) Multi-color Tulip Scepter with Faux Pearl details (5.) Crystal Multi-Color Gold-Tone Necklace and Earring Set (this also comes in a topaz version the exact color of honey!) (6.) Hella cool amazing crown (7.) Black tulle 4-layer floor-length split overskirt (8.) Yellow and Black Stripe Leggings (also available in capri length) (9.) Black satin opera length fingerless gloves with lace detail (available in many other colors) (10.) Bug eyes sunglasses



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