The Ten Most Wanted List, July 2018


The Amos staff chooses their ten most wanted items for July, 2018. (Yes, most links lead to Amazon because we are — full disclosure—an Amazon affiliate. Similarly, one of the links goes to our very own shop on Etsy. Because…it’s our site.) That being said, all items have been curated and chosen by writers and staff of Amos and are genuinely objects we love. If you love them, too, fantastic. We hope you do.

(1.) Holylove Pineapple Earrings    (2.) Lewisia Submersible Water Fountain Pump with LED lights (3.) Book by Annie Lowrey- Give People Money: How a Universal Basic Income would End Poverty, Revolutionize Work, and Remake the World (4.) Waterproof, Solar-Powered LED String Lights On Copper Wire for Indoor/Outdoor Use (5.) Flamingo Crystal Necklace.        (6.) Doritos Chile Limon Dinamita Snacks, Four-Pack (7.) Mrs. Meyers’ Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap, Radish Scent (We also love the Basil, Iowa Pine, and Geranium Scents. Frankly, all the scents are pretty wonderful.) (8.) Aggressively Passive Vintage Beach T-Shirt (available in a zillion colors, plus long sleeved. Basic white is less than ten dollars! ) (9.) Dear Darling Water Gel Lip Tint (Available in 12 colors: orange red, grapefruit red, and berry red all are entirely covetable) (10.) Archipelago Botanicals “Stonehenge” Candle



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