Writing My Future Obituary

Editor’s note: This is published because it seems like a good tool for others as a writing exercise, journal entry, or avenue for self-examination and self improvement.

Know thyself.

By Nate Johnson

One of my assignments in the class “Death and Dying” was to write an obituary and plan my funeral. No, I don’t plan on dying anytime soon. I learned about the many options after someone dies. We were shown countless examples of people being caught off guard and had no idea what the person who died wanted. This exercise was a healthy exercise and I was able to think of how I want to be remembered. Below is the obituary I wrote about myself.

Nate Johnson (1994-2100)

Nate Johnson was born into a loving family grew up in the heartland of America. Nate was always a man seeking new challenges and adventures. At age fourteen, he started his lifelong love affair with running, completing his first of many marathons. Running always challenged Nate to give his best and keep moving forward.

Nate’s family instilled a sense of travel at an early age. As a family, they saw all fifty states (U.S.A.). That urge to find and connect with new frontiers would never leave Nate. In all, Nate traveled to over one hundred and fifty countries, documenting his journey and stories through various platforms.

During one of his travels, Nate found a soul mate in (insert name). She complemented Nate in every area he was weak in. Together, they had seven children (insert names). Through her, his children, and multiple generations of grandchildren, Nate’s mission of making love, compassion, and grace louder will continue to move on.

After many years of making magic moments with The Walt Disney Company, Nate felt called to be a Camp Director. Camps were always close to Nate’s heart and intricate in Nate’s childhood. Through camp, Nate grew in his faith, made many lifelong friends from around the world, and made grace louder.

On the side, Nate was always looking for showing the light in the world. Through books, speaking, and viral videos, Nate showed how there is so much more good in the world. Nate lived the dream, one day in paradise at a time.



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