Gardener’s Notebook 2018

Canna (scroll to bottom of post: Water Garden section)


Celosia (Celosia argentia)

Care, Maintenance and Propagation of Celosia

Cinder Block Bench

Concrete Masonry Unit (Cinder blocks/concrete blocks) benches. Just add 4x4s.

Cottage Garden

This cottage garden also maximizes on container gardening for its impact. (Photo: Ideal Home, UK) Click image to visit Ideal Home Gardens.

The 18 Best Plants for Cottage Gardens

20 Gardenworthy Self-Sowers

Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia/‘Aurea’)

(1) can be grown in a container, (2) can be rooted in water, (3) is good for water gardens (including containers – definitely as a border, but possibly submerged), (4) can (?) grow in up to 1” of water without soil. (5) Wikipedia

Curb Appeal

39 Budget Curb Appeal Ideas that Will Totally Change Your Home

Cushions (Exterior, for Furniture)

(1) If making your own, stuff with used plastic bags or place poly-fil in plastic bags or shower curtain liners (2) Scotchgard (and others) makes waterproofing/sun proofing spray products to protect fabric used outdoors.

This braided rug is a homey (and machine washable) alternative to cushions for outdoor furniture. (Photo: @SkinnerPm/Twitter. Cat is called “Mean Cat” but I think s/he’s a sweetheart.

Daisies (Bellis perennis)

“Once you find blooms that are beginning to wilt and turn brown, or even seed heads that may have already formed, you should remove them back to the first set of leaves. For instance, if there are other healthy blooms or buds near the dying ones, cut them off to the point where it meets the other stems. If all the blooms are spent, simply cut the entire plant back to the base of the plant. This will oftentimes stimulate new growth and thus result in additional flowering.” (


Grow Delphiniums from Seed


Epsom Salts. “Epsom salts consist of magnesium— critical for seed germination and chlorophyll production – and sulfur – key for protein production and plant growth. A dose of Epsom salt solution increases fruit and flower production in roses, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and houseplants. Combine 1 tablespoon Epsom salts to 1 gallon of water. Spray foliage with the solution for best results.” (

Homemade Fertilizers: 15 Simple and Inexpensive Options

Fire Pits

Midwestern Fire Pit

Built in-ground, surrounded by gravel, excellent use of matching Adirondack chairs. Farmland behind. Perfect inspiration photo for the Midwest. (Original photo probably/possibly

Foxglove (Digitalis)

The Once and Future Foxglove: Patience. And a Reader.

Front Doors

Front Door Paint app lets you snap a pic and try different colors.

How to Deadhead Iris  

How to Grow Houseplants in Water 

How to Regrow Food in Water: Ten Foods that Regrow without Dirt


Seashells and driftwood on wrought iron table. (The cat is called Mean Cat and he’s a bonus inspiration. Photo: @SkinnerPm on Twitter)

Metal trash cans and a salvage door make the perfect outdoor potting bench, or bar, or table. (Image: Country Living)

I Tried It: DIY Glow Planters. Here’s How it Went.


How to Illuminate Your Yard with Landscape Lighting

Clear lights strung into sturdy ground cover (i.e. ivy, pachysandra, thyme, myrtle, sedum). Photo: (click image to visit)

Plant Wish List

Delphinium, Dragon’s Blood Sedum, Foxglove, Russian Sage, Hollyhock, Bellflower, Catmint, Garden Phlox, Yucca, Poppies (Oriental, Atlas, and California), Caladium, Taro (Elephant Ear), Flowering Cabbage, Kale, Lavender, Lillies (wider variety of day lilies, Asiatic, and Surprise), Bee Balm, Spearmint

Sedum (Sedum sarmentosa)

Sedum sarmentosa as ground cover. (Via Buzzfeed)
But don’t forget Dragon’s Blood Sedum- bronze-red foliage all year long!

Shifting Focus to the Indoor Garden, Begonias and Rooting Cuttings in Water

Success with Cuttings

Sweet Potato Vine, Ornamental (Ipomoea batata)

How to Care for Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine

Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine Propagation

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard in Containers

Which makes us think maybe spinach, lettuce, and kale would also be awesome container foliage plants. (Original idea via The Spruce)

Vegetable Garden, 2018 Video Diary

Water Gardens

Build a Patio Water Garden in a Container

Container Water Gardening

Making a Pond in a Pot


Plants for Water Gardens:



Garden Pond Forums: Canna Lillies Grow in Water?

Water Gardening: Are ALL Cannas Suitable for Ponds?


How to Dig Up Cattails (can harvest from the wild and transplant to containers or in your water garden)

Common Garden Annuals that Can Also Be Used In/With Your Pond/Water Garden: “Ruella, Impatiens, Fiber Optics, Rush, Coleus, Canna, and Caladium. Use these for seasonal interest. Most prefer shallow water, however Canna adapt well to water over 6” deep. When utilizing Canna as a water plant, be certain the type of Canna you choose is adaptable to water as there are several distinct species. The Longwood Hybrids Canna offer the best tolerance to water.” (

Potting Soil for plants in container water gardens: Use generic non-scented kitty litter (it’s mostly clay) and weigh down with rocks or pea gravel.

Wintering: “At the end of the season, you can either treat the plants from your water garden as annuals or store them for reuse next year. To keep them, cut back foliage and, leaving plans in their mesh baskets, place them in a plastic pail with a little water, cover the whole thing into a plastic garbage bag and store in a cool, frost-free place. Drain the water container and scrub it clean.” (

Window Screens (and Repair)

Use lace. (Seems like a Swiss dot organza or fine mesh/tulle netting might work as well. Bonus? Could pick up some grandma’s discarded lace curtains from a thrift store and do this on the cheap.)

Using lace to repair screens. Via Apartment Therapy/Designmadde

Updated 27 June 2018



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