My Four College Spring Breaks

By Nate Johnson

Spring break is popularized to be a time where college students from all over America go to Cabo or Florida to tan, drink, and party. My spring breaks never turned out that way. They did involve travel, good company, and service. Here are my four spring breaks during my time in college.

My first spring break involved going on a mission trip to Chicago. I convinced my good friend and track teammate Alex to come along. We fundraised and worked to raise money to go and serve. I don’t remember all of the details, but it was definitely outside my comfort zone and helped me grow my understanding of the world. I went to a service at the church Obama and Oprah went to. I took public transportation and experienced the drain it takes on people and what happens when you bump the wrong person on the bus. I also enjoyed giving back and learning about communities I never grew up with. I also had a Chicago hot dog and Chicago deep dish pizza.

My second spring break was bringing my friend Rhett up to Minnesota and hosting a friend back home. He also ran the Get Lucky half marathon. I enjoyed showing my friend around the place I went to high school. His biggest takeaway was how wide our sidewalks were and said he would have been a runner if he had these sidewalks. We came back early for track and I ran the 10,000 for the first time, which was my kind of fun.

My third spring break was the Disney College Program. While I worked when everyone else had their spring break, I had lots of fun playing in the parks, making new friends, and having beach days.

My last spring break was going to New York City with my Karina. Being frugal, we saved a night at a hotel by pulling an all-nighter in the city that never sleeps. We survived superstorm Stella, I saw from friends, and Karina and I didn’t kill each other. We also had fun exploring NYC.

The first two years, I filled my backpack with the homework I would do since I didn’t have class. The homework never got done and it was stressful staring at the backpack filled with work I didn’t want to do. I didn’t bring any to NYC. Rest should be for resting.

None of these spring breaks involved getting drunk or “SICK PARTIES”. They involved travel with a good company with memories that will live on.


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