The Cards and the Stars: Monthly Horoscope for April, 2018

Five of Cups, Five of Wands, Three of Pentacles

General Overview

The Five of Cups suggests that you have recently been upset over a loss or disappointment. The three cups spilled at the man’s feet in the picture indicates the loss you’ve experienced. You may not be aware of the strong support system that remains, indicated by the two cups still standing. Your friends and loved ones have been offering their support but you have focused too much on the disappointments. The river in the image suggests the troubled emotions that have made you feel lost and distant; you have cut yourself off from the joy and love associated with home. Remember to notice the bridge that isn’t far from view. It can lead you home again, into the arms of your loved ones.

The Five of Wands is a card of play and creativity: this could be related to either leisure or career, honestly, but either way: it’s telling you that you may need to consider things more carefully than it seems. Is everything really fun and games or are you taking things too seriously? That pesky five card is clue that you need to review things or move forward, maybe both and that play and work are intertwined in strange ways right now. Your best ideas will come when you’re playing; your work may seem trivial. Growth is possible; but so is backsliding. A good check-in with your interior world isn’t the worst thing for you to do.

The Three of Pentacles is telling you that it is the right time to be persistent, determined and to create a concrete foundation for yourself in the material world. April may be the month that collaborations and group efforts lead to financial rewards. There is room for growth here and this card offers you encouragement, telling you to put aside your fear of failure.

Lucky Days: 2, 14, 30.
Less Auspicious Days: 8, 12.
Aura: Teal.
Spirit Animal: Elephant.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 5, 16, 29, 40, 51.

Horoscope by Astrological Sign:

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Lucky for you, Aries, this month will be one that fosters opportunities for all things related to personal pleasure. While you should exercise some amount of restraint so you can direct energy to your work, health, and routines, you’ll find that pursuing things that delight you may direct you toward promising ideas about career changes or your future goals. While being self-sufficient is very important to you, especially now, the greatest breakthroughs will occur this month while you are working with others. You may even encounter an influential person who can help enable you to break free of circumstances that have puzzled you or held you back. Tarot: Queen of Cups. Aura: Turquoise. Spirit Animal: Jerboa. Lucky Numbers: 7, 8, 17, 29, 35, 51.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): You’ve got something to say and April is the month when the world is ready to listen. Phrase your thoughts carefully but speak your mind and now is the time to do that. This is the time when creative and professional seeds you have to plant should be, well, planted. In six months time, these seeds (ideas, starts, beginnings) will begin to bear fruit. Exercise patience. Dream big and follow your gut. Tarot: Nine of Cups. Aura: Gold. Spirit Animal: Arctic Seal. Lucky Numbers: 6,12, 27, 44, 56, 58.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): You may find that other people are very contrary and combative around the fifteenth of the month: beware launching new ideas right now and don’t take failures in communication personally around mid-month. Around the time of the new moon, you may find a desire to capitalize on sensual pleasures: if it harms no one, act on it: explore all five of your senses. Relaxation will loosen both stress and any blocks you have. Tarot: The Emperor. Aura: Lavender. Spirit Animal: Jellyfish. Lucky Numbers: 1, 9, 15, 40, 54, 61.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): You may need to deal with disapproval around the time of the new moon. It’s important to listen but if you know you are in the right, stand your ground and speak diplomatically to convince others. Towards the end of the month, beware of your own jealousies. If you aren’t secure in your love life, relationships, or job, you may be feeling threatened by someone else’s happiness or success. Look in the mirror and look at the reasons before you lash out. Tap into your creativity this month: it is a more potent tool than you realize. Tarot: Page of Pentacles (Reversed). Aura: Burgundy. Spirit Animal: Octopus. Lucky Numbers: 6, 12, 14, 37, 46, 49.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): You’ll be facing a decision over the coming month, especially around the time of the full moon. The only way to succeed is to enter into this new range of obligations with all your heart, with no doubts and no qualms about the past. Anxiety won’t help your problems. It’s your heart you should heed; trust it above all else. If your desires are not extravagant, they will be rewarded. Tarot card: Five of Cups. Spirit Animal: Yak. Aura: Violet Red. Lucky Numbers: 2, 18, 27, 37, 49, 58.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): You will easily get many opportunities to complete your unfinished work on time. Other problems which may crop up will get resolved quickly this month so do not bother yourself about them. Try to make the most of April because whatever you will do will be successful as well as fruitful. You may soon be looking for good advice from someone dear to you. You are feeling very adventurous and are determined to make your own way. You are going to conquer all obstacles in your path by sheer determination and the force of your will.ᅠ Tarot card: Knight of Cups. Spirit Animal: Marten. Aura: Cerulean Blue. Lucky Numbers: 8, 28, 31, 52, 58, 60.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Good things are on their way, although it may feel like all things are pointed against you early in the month. You may need to exercise caution when asserting your point of view: ask yourself if your position is worth alienating friends, coworkers, or significant others. Conflict is unavoidable but with care, the bumps can be managed. Tarot card: Four of Pentacles (Reversed). Spirit Animal: Lemur. Aura: Huckleberry. Lucky numbers: 1, 3, 5, 41, 54, 60.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): All that you’ve swept under the rug in recent months related to your affections can now be recognized and processed. You’ve been getting the brunt of the last few retrogrades, and now you have a bit more to go before you feel your head’s truly back in the game, but you’re making progress. This month may prompt interesting insights and sudden flashes of intuition that may even amount to a mental breakthrough. You’re looking at a matter in an entirely new light. Tarot card of the month: Nine of Swords. Spirit Animal: Chipmunk. Aura: Champagne Gold. Lucky Numbers: 7, 13, 17, 56, 57, 65.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): You can feel as if you’re turning a corner this month. Even so, it’s in your best interests to keep some of your new ideas under wraps for a while longer (after the 20th makes more sense). Your energies this month are electric —you can feel very positive about the work you do, services you provide, or your self-care and health programs. You benefit from a window into the past to recognize what worked —and what didn’t— as well as a keen sense of upcoming trends and excitement for what’s ahead of you. There can be more pleasure or social opportunities through health pursuits, work or daily routines. Tarot card of the month: Six of Pentacles. Spirit Animal: Yak. Aura: Butterscotch. Lucky Numbers: 9, 22, 25, 38, 40, 58.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): An exciting adventure awaits you. A lifetime isn’t nearly long enough to find out what it’s all about. For good or for bad, you will probably deal with events of the past this month. If a secret has been hurting you, chances are that it is about to be revealed. Deep meditation may bring you answers. Tarot card: Four of Cups. Spirit Animal: Argali. Aura: Sea Green. Lucky Numbers: 2, 7, 36, 40, 54, 59.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18): Love comes quickly this month, whatever you do. Tell people what you really think. Otherwise, nothing will change. You’ll find that August is a month when your many hidden talents will become obvious to those around you. It will also be a month when it’s up to you to create the peacefulness you long for. Still, enjoy the good luck a companion brings you. Tarot card: Three of Pentacles. Spirit Animal: Heron. Aura: Ruby. Lucky Numbers: 4, 5, 24, 40, 43, 58.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Every now and then, we all feel happy to just be us. It’s not common, so when it occurs, be grateful. It’s your turn to be grateful now, because you’ll enjoy that feeling for the duration of April, an indication that no matter what you’ve been doing over the past few weeks, months, or years, you’ve definitely been doing it right. Travel is in your future. Around the time of the new moon, the stars may reveal someone’s hidden agenda or private intentions. Tarot Card: Six of Swords. Spirit Animal: Grasshopper. Aura: Periwinkle. Lucky Numbers: 9, 22, 24, 36, 38, 45.


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