The “Time of Shedding and Cold Rocks” News, 7 March 2018

World News Headlines: From BBC


“Any new broad-based tariffs on imported tin plate steel — an insufficient amount of which is produced in the U.S. — will result in higher prices on one of the safest and more affordable parts of the food supply.” A spokesperson for Campbell’s (like the soup). (CNBC)

“I think it’s a fool’s errand to stand up and say by 2030 we’re going to be done with fossil fuels… and what? Go back to living like we were living in the mid-1800s?” Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, speaking to Lisa Friedman (New York Times, Twitter)

“Hold on, he wasn’t wearing his glasses. You can’t ask him things when he’s not wearing his smart-boy glasses.” The Sugar Grits Underground, with the best reply to Lisa Friedman’s tweet including Secretary Perry’s response to her question regarding other countries’ plans to phase out coal. (Twitter)

“He’s now president for life. President for life. And he’s great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot some day.” President Donald Trump, commenting on (joking about?) the elimination of term limits in China under President Xi. (CNN)

“The president chews through staffers like he chews through overcooked steak: vigorously and confidently.” Brian Feldman (New York Magazine)


Watch: Kai Ryssdal Explains the Bond Market



3- To date, President Trump has rejected three bipartisan deals on DACA. (ACLU)

29.4- In Jacksonville, Florida, 29.4 percent of the population is black but they receive 55 percent of pedestrian tickets. (Vox)

30- If 30 percent of the beef in every burger in America were replaced by mushrooms, it would reduce greenhouse emissions by the same amount as taking 2.3 million vehicles off of our roads. (World Resources Institute, National Public Radio)

42- Americans account for less than 5 percent of the world’s population and own 42 percent of the world’s privately held firearms. (Vox)

48- According to a recent poll, 48 percent of Americans now support a universal basic income. (CNBC)

57- Anti-Semitic incidents surged 57 percent in the U.S. in 2017. (New York Times)
63- 63 percent of Americans say the future of the nation is a very or somewhat significant source of stress for them. (American Psychological Association, Vox)

187- There are 187 ex-lobbyists working in the Trump administration, many of them in agencies on subjects they once lobbied for. “Former corn production, pharmaceutical, and mining and drilling lobbyists are working at Agriculture, Energy, Health and Human Services, Interior.” (ProPublica)


Reading List: Ben Carson’s Mission Statement for HUD May No Longer Include Anti-Discrimination Language (Washington Post), Betsy DeVos Criticized by Parkland Students After Marjory Stoneman Douglas Visit (Slate), When Does Hope Hicks Get to Be a “Wunderkind” Instead of a “Former Model?” (Vox), We Need New Ways of Treating Depression (Vox)


Yes, Just Yes: 

Via Buzzfeed, Reddit


Tonight’s title comes to you from the best editorial correction ever, from the New York Times:


The use of quotations and citations does not imply endorsement.

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