The “This American Carnage” News, 16 February 2018

President Trump’s Day on Twitter


Quotes from the News

“(1) The President ended DACA unilaterally. (2) He then said: work out a bi-partisan bill I’ll sign anything you bring me. (3) He was promptly brought a bipartisan deal. He rejected it. (4) He was then brought a *second* bi-partisan deal with even more support. He rejected *that*” – Chris Hayes (Twitter)

”The Republican Party’s platform in 2018 is that the country has too many legal immigrants, too many poor people with subsidized health insurance, too many rich people paying punitive tax rates, and too few guns.” Ezra Klein (Twitter)

”As we process 37-page federal indictment against 13 Russian nationals for interfering with U.S. election, remember that Trump views it as ‘a hoax’ made up by Democrats. He has not acted to safeguard US democracy from future foreign intrusions.” Philip Rucker (Twitter)

”This American carnage stops right here…I’ll be able to make sure that when you walk down the street in your inner city, or wherever you are, you’re not going to be shot. Your child isn’t going to be shot.” President Donald Trump (Inaugural Address, January 2017; The Atlantic)

”I wonder if anyone remembers, or ever knew, that this country not so long ago had a ten-year ban on assault weapons. If it kept such a weapon out of the hands of one murderous person it was a success. During the ban, the Republic didn’t fall and the Constitution survived.” Elizabeth Drew (Twitter)

Numbers from the News

1- Among the six deadliest mass shootings in the last six years, the only one not carried out with an AR-15 style rifle was the Orlando nightclub attack two years ag that left 49 dead. (New York Times)

200- Arrests of immigrants without prior criminal convictions rose 200% or more in half of ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] areas from FY [fiscal year] 2016 to FY 2017. (Pew Research Center)

2.9 million- Todd Young’s congressional and senatorial election campaigns received nearly 2.9 million dollars in donations from the National Rifle Association [NRA], ranking him ninth in most donations from that organization among current members of Congress. (New York Times, Washington Post)

~5 million- “Americans own about five million AR-15s” (website of the National Rifle Association)



Mass Shootings in the U.S. Since Sandy Hook 2013

Mass Shootings in the U.S. since Sandy Hook in 2013



World News: South Africa Elects a New President, North Korean Ship Spotted Possibly Violating Sanctions,  7.2 Earthquake Hits Mexican Oaxaca State, Ethiopia Declares National State of Emergency, Iran and Israel Battle Openly in Race to Define ‘Rules of the Game’

Reading List: Has Anyone Seen the President? (Michael Lewis), The 4 Stories that Drove Politics This Week (Matt Yglesias), In Florida, an AR-15 is Easier to Buy Than a Handgun (Richard A. Oppel Jr.)

Beauty Still Exists in the World, Volume 1: Savchenko and Massot


Beauty Still Exists in the World, Volume 2: Yuzuru Hanyu’s Short Program


Beauty Still Exists in the World, Volume 3: This girl broke my heart fifty different ways in 2014. Her name is Yulia Lipnitskaya. She retired from the sport due to complications from anorexia. And my heart is broken: she is perfect, regardless of weight, ever.  I hope, wherever she is, she can know that. (Weight issues, anorexia, bulimia– these are demons. I hope she escapes hers and finds happiness.)

Here’s her “red coat” performance from 2014.



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