President Trump’s Day on Twitter, 24 January 2018

Presented in chronological order without annotation or comment, here are President Trump’s tweets today, January 24, 2018.

Further reading on these topics: (1) On bonuses, raises, and investment after the tax reform law passage, see New York Times “Bonuses Aside, Tax Law’s Trickle-Down Impact Not Yet Clear” and Fox Business “Tax Reform Windfall: These Companies are Hiking Pay, Delivering Bonuses.” (2) On yesterday’s school shooting at Marshall County High School, see Louisville Courier-Journal “Kentucky School Shooting: Chaos Unfolds at Marshall County High School” and New York Times “School Shooting in Kentucky was Nation’s 11th of Year. It was Jan 23.” (3) On the meeting at the White House with mayors of American cities, see “Remarks by President Trump at Working Session with Mayors” and Los Angeles Times “Mayors Boycott White House Meeting After Administration Threatens Sanctuary Cities” (4) On Davos, see Fortune “Davos World Economic Forum: What It’s Like to Attend”  and Bloomberg “Trump Team at Davos Backs Weaker Dollar, Sharpens Trade War Talk”


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