My Ten-Year-Plan for a Remarkable Life

By Nate Johnson

Like always, I got this idea from a podcast. The exercise that was given was to write about the current day ten years from now. Where would you be? What do you do, eat, wear, see? The more detail, the better. Then, once a year, you look at it and see how you are coming along. I’m not sure how this will work out but I’m willing to try. Also, most people don’t share them but, again, I figure I write about everything else. So here is my writing exercise to live a remarkable life.

February 27th, 2027
I wake up at 5:30 AM with my love of my life nestled into my side. She is so beautiful, lovely, and kind. I give her a good morning kiss. The snow is falling on the city that never sleeps. I roll out of my bed to take a fifteen minute seated meditation from Kino Macgregor. I follow that up with a 30-minute yoga practice. At 6:15 AM I make my kale green juice smoothie. I do some light reading and at 7:00 AM I jump on kid’s bed to wake them up. We have a morning devotional as a family.

I dress up in black dress pants, a red Van Heusen dress shirt, a belt with my seal belt buckle, and pair of Allen Edmond wingtip dress shoes. At 8:00 AM I head off to work at Vaynermedia on Madison Avenue.

On the subway, I am working on my tenth book. I use my time on the subway exclusively for writing.

I arrive at Vaynermedia at 8:45 AM. There, I am working on a branding project with The Walt Disney Company. There are looking for social media influencers in the new space of virtual reality. I’m in a meeting with Bob Iger of Disney. I lead a presentation on how their money would be better spent in the arbitrage of virtual reality influencers.

My lunch hour is spent going for a run at Central Park. I’m wearing a pair of Nike running tights, wool toe socks, a pair of Vibrams, a Nike long-sleeve shirt, and my Boston Marathon jacket. I get a comfortable six-mile run in. As I head back to the office, I swing by to pick up a meal at Sweet Green.

My afternoon consists of project management meetings and preparing for the next client meetings. Vaynermedia doesn’t feel like work. My team and I get excited about connecting brands with influencers to give even more value to others. It’s a very exciting time working with the biggest agency on Madison Avenue. Working in the afternoon, I sip on a second kale smoothie.

I work until 5:00 PM and I meet my family to go ice skating at Bryant Park Rink. We skate, fall, and laugh for over an hour. At 6:15 PM a babysitter comes and picks up the kids for a few hours. My wife and I head out to Keen’s Steakhouse. There, I have a New York Strip medium rare with a large side of steamed broccoli.

After dinner, we have a romantic walk home. Our kids run and jump into our arms when we open the door. We read them a Dr. Suess story, pray with them, and kiss them goodnight.

AT 9 PM, I have some time to read while my wife gets ready for bed. At 9:30 PM, we have a guided couples meditation. We finish the night off with a kiss as we snuggle in bed together, ready for a new day.




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