The “You Invented Roommates” News, 16 November 2017

Reading List: “Zimbabwe: Six Possible Outcomes of the Coup that is not a Coup” (The South African), “Iran-Iraq Earthquake is Deadliest of 2017” (CNN), “The House Just Passed Its Tax Reform Plan. It’s Drastically Different from the Senate’s.” (Vox), “Trophies from Elephant Hunts in Zimbabwe were Banned in the U.S. Trump Just Reversed That” (Washington Post)

Quoteylocks Zone:

“You’re just a child. I’m the D.A. of Etowhah County. If you tell anyone about this, no one will believe you.” Beverly Young Nelson, recalling what Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) said to her after assaulting her when she was 16. The special election in Alabama for the senate seat will be held on December 12th. (New York Times, The Daily)

“This is the result when your political base is programmed to reject the substance and fight the source of unflattering stories about its tribe. I can’t overstate the danger of this trend.” Mindy Finn, commenting to The Hill’s report that, according to a recent poll, nearly 40 percent of Alabama evangelicals say they’re more likely to vote for Moore after the recent allegations of sexual misconduct/crimes have become public. (The Hill, Twitter)

“We so worship wealth that we cater to it even when it doesn’t ask.” Andy Slavitt (Twitter)

“We have a president who lies constantly, who disregards the norms of American government, who’s openly disdainful of the social function of a free press, and who’s set up his administration in a way that seems to generally sideline expertise while opening the door to massive financial conflicts of interest.” Matthew Yglesias (Vox)

“IT”S CALLED *ROOMMATES* YOU INVENTED ***ROOMMATES***” @sugarsh0t on Twitter, commenting on an article by Julie Dagenais called “The Trend of Co-living.” (Twitter)


10: Taxpayers are footing the legal bill for at least 10 Department of Justice lawyers and paralegals to work on lawsuits related to President Trump’s private businesses. (USA Today)

20: In the past 20 years since the welfare reform programs were enacted under President Clinton, the number of American households living in deep poverty (defined as less than two dollars a day) has risen. (APM Marketplace, The Uncertain Hour)

62: 62 percent of all households in the U.S. paid more in payroll taxes (for Medicare/Social Security) than in income tax last year. (APM Marketplace; Tax Policy Center)

~80: Since the mid-1970s, around 80 percent of American households have seen their wages decline in real terms. (New York Times, The Daily)

1,628: President Trump has made 1,628 false or misleading claims over 298 days as of Tuesday, November 14, 2017. (Washington Post, FactChecker, Glenn Kessler)

~210,000: A portion of the Keystone pipeline was shut down today after it leaked approximately 210,000 gallons of oil near Amherst, South Dakota. (CBS)

96.8 Billion: Charles and David Koch’s combined fortune grew from 28 billion dollars in 2009 to 96.8 billion in 2017. “The Paradise Papers provide a peek at their secret sauce: avoiding taxes.” (Jane Mayer, New York Times)

~ 1 Trillion: American citizens currently hold approximately one trillion dollars in credit card debt. (Federal Reserve, APM Marketplace)

Worth Watching, Seriously: Representative Karen Bass (D-Calif.) asks questions during Jeff Sessions’ testimony last Tuesday in front of the House Judiciary Committee.


Then, There’s This:  It’s difficult to watch and it will haunt you once you do. Still, if there’s such a thing as necessary beauty, it’s this. Poignant, profound. Unforgettable.

By Michelle Railey


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