The Ten Most Wanted List: November 2017

Objects of Desire

The Amos staff chooses their ten most wanted items for November, 2017. (Yes, most links lead to Amazon because we are — full disclosure—an Amazon affiliate.) That being said, all items have been curated and chosen by writers and staff of Amos and are genuinely objects we love. If you love them, too, fantastic. We hope you do.

(1) Archipelago Botanicals “Black Forest” candle. Burns cleanly and for a very long time. The perfect woodsy candle with scents of Douglas Fir, black currant, and ebony wood. Check out this company’s “Stonehenge” scent as well. Love at first sniff. (2) Black and white blanket. Just perfect. And affordable. (3) So much fun! Turkey party lights. Very festive. (4) Classic, old-fashioned-y, reliably satisfying: Pearson’s Coffee Nip candies. (5) Set of 12 disposable fountain pens. May as well order two because this is the spare holiday gift you need sitting around for gift exchanges. (6) Admit it: you’re constantly in need of a new pair of earbuds, too. These are colorful, have a built-in mic, and you get ten pairs. (7) Long-sleeved high-quality official Amos shirt. It’s awesome. Order one. Tell people it’s haute couture or French, whatever you like. Just tell ’em where you got it. (8) Semi-sheer striped curtains. We love stripes. (9) We don’t know how it’s even possible that these goldfish earrings are only $1.21 with free shipping. We just know that we’ve already ordered a pair. (10) You can keep your fancy tablecloths. We’re setting our elegant candles and holiday place settings on 100% recycled Kraft paper. And we’re using the rest of the roll to wrap presents with.

For what it’s worth: we still have all the feelings for September’s and October’s lists. And while we’re mentioning things we want: we’d love you to write up a piece of non-fiction and enter our November writing contest. There’s a cash prize and everything.


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