News Dump, October 31, 2017

Markets, Currencies, and Commodities:

Market Report 10.31.2017



The Latest on the Attack in New York Today:   The Independent has ongoing live updates here; “The New York City Terror Attack: What We Know So Far” from Vox.

Stories of Note:  (1) Following Chief of Staff John Kelly’s comments on compromise, slavery, and the Civil War, Jamelle Bouie posted a Twitter thread both profound and powerful (follow the link to the thread in this article from The Hill). (2) Tim Alberta’s profile of John Boehner on Politico, “John Boehner Unchained” is seriously worth a read. (3) Climate change is already damaging human health. (Time) (3) Republican Rollout of Tax Plan is most likely delayed while talks continue. (Los Angeles Times) (4) The Catalonia Crisis in 300 Words (BBC) (5) “The U.S. Isn’t Prepared for the Next Recession” (The Atlantic) (6) A Conversation with [IN-09] Congressional Candidate Dan Canon (WIUX)

So, Donald Trump Jr is Ruining Halloween for His Kid:


You’ve gotta be kidding me, Dad. Holidays and kids shouldn’t be political baiting tools.


From the “We Always Knew It” Files: “Mayonnaise is Disgusting, And Science Agrees.” (Popular Science)

Important Reminder: If you don’t get your health insurance from your employer, the Marketplace’s open enrollment period begins tomorrow online. Get Covered.

Happy Halloween.



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