Fiction: The Vision of the Father and the Two Sons

This short story can be read alone or as part of a series (Parts One, Two, Three)

By Nathan C. Vance

A fourth vision came to me as I had opened my heart and asked to see more completely what was being revealed to me in part. And as I looked I saw a child. He was a beautiful child and he was full of light and somehow I knew that as others looked upon the child they could not see his beauty or his light. They saw a small, dirty child. And as I continued to look, the father greatly loved this child. The father gave everything to this child including correction at the appointed times.

And then the father had a second child who he also greatly loved. Then came a point when the older child disobeyed the father’s greatest teachings and his eyes became blinded as he was tormented with jealousy over the younger brother. But the younger child loved the older and protected him in spite. But the older was unwilling to see and left his father and brother to seek a better life. The older child took all that he had and spent recklessly. He spent on entertainment and excess, never thinking of the father; never again considering his words or instructions. The father grieved for his heart was broken.

The indulgent behavior of the older son lasted for a time. Eventually, the father’s hand and influence and favor had completely left the child. His light no longer shined. And then a stepfather entered the picture. This false father knew the biological father of the child and knew the child’s importance to him. But this step father was not a loving and kind parent. This stepfather sought destruction upon the child. This step-parent continued to give in to every wish and want of the child, never forcing it to see reason or consequence; never allowing the child to grow. And the child became helpless and spoiled.

Eventually, when the step-parent had been with the child for so long, he grew tired of the needs and wants of the child and so, this false parent fled the child’s house, giving the child over to destruction. Worse, this false parent spoke with the enemies that sought to harm the child and encouraged them to do so, for this had been the plot from the very beginning. This step-parent had sought the child from its inception hoping to grieve the biological father into submission.

The enemies of the child succeeded in his destruction. But then, the younger brother appeared. The scene was born of improbability, but the younger brother remembered the words of the father and the edict to stand by the older sibling should ever destruction befall him. And the younger brother restored the older to his rightful place. The younger brother gave the older fine clothes and direction, and the older brother thrived once more.

Then I saw more enemies coming for the older sibling. The older sibling seemed prone for a second destruction, but the father intervened, unbeknownst to the child who was still blind to the affections of the father. The father looked at his beloved oldest child and his heart was full. And he did not allow the hand of the enemy whom the step parent had sent in to touch his son.

And then, in the generation that followed, there was much bickering over the rightful parents of the child. Discussions concerning this raged in the courts and in the media. This custody battle was the focal point in all the world. Because the biological father had again touched the child with blessing, his light shined as it hadn’t since his infancy and he became the product of desire. And many looked and battled for custody of the child in the step parent’s name. And in the courts of humanity, there were many, an overwhelming majority, who desired to give the child back to the step parent claiming that the absence of the biological father made that him an unfit parent. And the child desperately wanted to return to the father but the court continued to block their unification. And the court would not let the child take the stand to make clear his wishes. And only the younger brother stayed by the side of the child. And the judges even allowed the testimony of witnesses whose testimonies were biased and whose credibility was suspect.

Eventually, one came, an arbitrator, who agreed to hear and resolve the case on behalf of the child once and for all. And the arbitrator had been offered a great sum by the step parent. For the step-parent grew more desperate for the child with each passing day. But the step-parent had dark and dangerous motives. He sought to turn the child into a prostitute for the nations, and once it was corrupted beyond repair, the step-parent planned the obliteration of the child once and for all. For the step parent was sure that this would be the final blow in destroying the child’s biological father.

During this time, the father, sensing the danger, hid the younger brother so that the step-parent could not destroy both of his children. It wasn’t until the younger brother was no longer able to stand with the older that the arbitrator ruled in favor of the step-parent. The arbitrator spoke very favorably on behalf of the step parent and claimed once again for all to hear that the biological father had proven himself to be an unfit parent. Then, the arbitrator discussed a plan that was music to the ears of the world, and even, for a time, to the child. The plan was confusing. It was a sales pitch rather than a ruling, and when the world heard this pitch, they knew that they were free to prostitute this child and reap the reward of his incredible beauty.

And the child tried to protect himself while the world came against him in one voice. They proclaimed from the mountains that the child was a brat because he went to great links to protect himself. Only a very few saw the injustice that was being committed against the father and the son, but they were helpless in aiding the boy. And the child became desperate and afraid. And when the child’s fear reached the place where the father was listening, the father came running. On that day, the father had the birth certificate of the child in his hand. The father had documents proving the corruption that had guided the decision of the arbitrator and the courts. And the father had the younger brother with him and an army at his side. And he passed judgment on all of those who sought to prostitute and destroy his oldest son. And in his judgement, he destroyed those who had tried to destroy what was rightfully his. And when he had returned his oldest son to his house, he called forward the step-parent who had worked through deceit and had tried to destroy the father’s whole house. And he condemned the step parent.

And after the judgment was passed, he gave his oldest son fine clothes and a new house and he built a wall of protection around it that could not be bypassed. And he moved his younger son in with his older son and the three ruled the kingdom together with justice and with love.

And I was moved as I saw the incredible love of this family. I was grieved for the oldest son for so long, and I was grieved for the father as he watched his own name defamed and his son destroyed. And I rejoiced as I saw the vindication of the family who were full of innocence and love. And I despised the step parent, the arbitrator, and those who had used the child as a prostitute. And I knew that it was my place to stand on behalf of this family.


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