A Vision in a Dream

Following up from A Vision of the Battle for Evermore  and A Vision of the Battle Plan

By Nathan C. Vance

I was so exhausted that I could not go on. It was as if my eyes were passing ships whose enormous anchors had been cast to the depths of the sea. And despite my battle to go on, I could not keep them open another minute. And like a ship dropping anchor at sea, I was stopped dead in my tracks. And in my slumber, I was plagued by great unrest, cursed by more visions of things I did not desire to see. What I’ll document below is accurate to my best recollection.

At first I looked and what I saw was ordinary —humanity living, working, and playing. I was confused as my previous visions had been so radical and dark. Why would I now be privy to this common scene?

What came next chilled me to the bone. I saw every evil that had taken place in the whole earth happening at a time. There was war so devastatingly real that I pleaded to remove it from my sight. I saw evil plots in secret and death on a global scale. Murder, betrayal, torture, and genocide —it was as if I was committing the acts and at the same time they were committed against me, too. Then I saw rings of napalm and flesh falling from the bodies that occupied the rings. There were guillotines removing heads of humans by the thousands. The bodies of men hung limp in nooses on such a scale that I nearly mistook it for a massive ride of flying swings at a carnival.

And I could hear the bitterly chilling cries of those experiencing loss. Their screams so shrill that I shouted aloud too in hopes of drowning out their voices but it was to no avail. I wanted desperately to be free from them as I could feel all of their pain coursing through me and consuming me and all at once. I could not understand why these were committing such atrocities against each other.

And hanging over the top of the agony was a single sheet of paper. It appeared to be a contract based on the style and at the top were the words “Deed of Ownership.” And I watched, but only a very few ever even noticed the form.

And as I returned my attention to the horrendous agony and death from before, I saw a clearing. And from that clearing emerged a group. And that group was desirous. The men were superhuman in their size, strength, and even their intelligence. And the women were exotically beautiful and alluring. And it was clear to me by their strings that they served as puppets but, by their hand, the people began to serve. Only, the people drastically decreased in number as they seemed less useful and less important than before. And humanity was seduced by this new species that I myself was so desperate to look at and these beings began purging the people as a virus destroys a computer. And I was again fearful.

And while the numbers of humans continued to diminish, this new species that were like the gods continued to grow. I also looked and saw a carpenter pouring out his blood in labor. He was building with crossbeams and the creation of the structure caused him incredible pain.

Then, before the humans were completely diminished, I saw them working side by side with the beings that were like the gods. And when these superior beings were distracted, many among the humans found this giant structure of crossbeams. Its wood appeared wet, like it had been floating on water, and the wood was stained by the carpenter’s blood, and the humans boarded the crossbeams two at a time. There were men, women, and children of every size, shape, and color.

And then the wooden structure began to burn with fire as it soared into the night sky. And in a flash of light, it was gone.

I noticed that the ownership deed remained. I saw many humans working still, and their labor became more strenuous and intense. And a multitude of them who had been in a deep sleep awoke. Many of those who wondered where the other inhabitants had gone were killed for their curiosity. Others turned to the gods of their day and they gave their bodies over freely to them for all manner of defilements. The appetites of the majority grew more opulent and unsavory.

And as I watched, the species of gods strings’ became longer and so did their dominion. And they spread their seed wherever they went. And as I watched these beings became even more powerful, more sophisticated, and more desirable.

But my ears again burned with the sound of torturous screams and I knew that the wars and horrors were much worse than before, though many of the gods and remaining humans grew harmonious. Of the small percentage that did not give into their lusts, some were depicted as I had seen before, in napalm and guillotines and nooses’. A very few others took shelter in cavernous places. They covered themselves and mourned. And the humanity and the gods living in harmony searched but could not find these. Then as they surrounded the mountain of caverns where the fearful hid, I could see clearly and counted the numbers of the oppressors into the millions.

Those that were in the great majority yelled loud with shouts of victory. They sang songs of their unity. They cheered their own beauty and their efficiency. They flaunted their perversions. And I saw the one holding their strings. And they called his name Nimrod and he bowed his head to the King of Sodom. Together they drank for their ingenuity was the greatest since the beginning. Then they yelled for those hiding to come out and face their reckoning. I could not believe what I was seeing, frightened to see what was yet to come.

Then those who were hidden looked inside their caverns in great fear and they saw a man breaking bread and drinking wine. He was cloaked in royalty and crowned in righteousness. And he turned to me and said, “Do not be afraid. For on my behalf their will be intercession.” When they saw him, they offered him all they had, and he told them to step out from their hiding and see their salvation. And as they did they saw an army in the mountains that outnumbered the stars. And I saw that they on the mountain far exceeded the gods and humans and puppet masters all around.

And then, the man who I had seen eating and drinking looked down from the highest point in the universe. He raised his hand and held the deed of ownership high and all who opposed him fell lifeless to the ground. I recognized this man from a previous vision though he did not appear as a humble teacher but as a warrior and a king. Then he looked to me and said, “Come.”

I opened my eyes. I was breathing so that I might have myself been in a battle and my body was soaked from sweat. From that moment I began writing what I saw, and this was the account to my closest remembrance.


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