A Vision of the Battle Plan

A follow-up to “A Vision of the Battle for Evermore”...

By Nathan C. Vance

I looked and saw standing before me the leader of darkness. Could it be that I was having a second vision? And as I continued to look, I became sure that I recognized this figure in all of its colorful splendor just as I had clearly seen it before. This time, there was no figure in purest white standing in opposition. And the location was different from before. I couldn’t exactly recognize the place, but the terrain seemed volcanic and dangerous. I was so uncomfortable that I began to shake. My great fear was that this figure, and the even more intimidating figure that had the markings of a general and the persona of a beast seated to its right, might spot me. But then, I was so curious that I couldn’t bear to look away.

The leader and its general were initially joined by several others, soldiers of sort, all cloaked in utter darkness. The group was around a massive table of scorched rock. On top of this table was a set of plans or blueprints. Suddenly, the soldiers began exiting the room and only the leader and the general remained.

I was mesmerized by the enchanting nature of the leader. It spoke softly with its radiant voice directly into the ear of the beast, “On with the plan.” The way the words slithered from its tongue covered my entire body with goosebumps.

The dark, dangerous general stared back without the slightest hint of an expression. “I’ll remind you that we’ve already tried this plan. And I’ll admit we were close, but—“

A shrieking cackle interrupted the monologue. Roaring with laughter, the leader hissed “Yes! Yes we did! And wasn’t it so much fun? I know that your army enjoyed the human tastes. Corrupting them was pleasure, was it not?” The colorful character regained a sense of composure and went on saying, “I do have to give credit to the old man. He created them well. So well that they’d tempt the Devil himself, well, me!” An explosion of laughter followed the statement.

Looking less than amused, the general lamented, “But the goal was to destroy them. We failed. What happens if we fail again?” The tone of the beast was firm and impatient.

“Sometimes you have to indulge me with a little bit of fun. Besides, we’ve learned so much from those early days. We were able to corrupt that goody, goody Noah, and his son Ham. By the end, he was a mess. And then David—Don’t get me started on pretty boy, David. He certainly wounded your ranks, killing our babies, but we got him back—turned him into a murderer—an adulterer—gained audience with his jewel, Solomon. We ruined that poor man’s life didn’t we?” The leader snickered as the bragging intensified.

“Oh Solomon. I did not like him at all!”

“Yes, thought he was your boss as I recall. But, through him, we’ve gained access to many of his knights—so many generations of poison. And remember all of those tasty concubines. Oh how I love thinking about Solomon!”

“Well, I hated him.” The beast responded dryly. “And I want to know what will make this time different.” The intimidating demon was blunt. Its voice was the sound of crumbling gravel. “What makes you so sure that you will destroy the seed after all this time?”

The charming, flamboyant one cupped a hand around its mouth and spoke seductively into the general’s ear. “This time it won’t be us getting rid of them. This time we have a plan that is fool-proof. This time we get rid of these humans once and for all.”

“Good. Then what exactly do you need me to do?”

A serpentine smile blossomed over the leader’s face. “Whisper. Take our idea and spread it. Pollute their minds with the same offer that we made to eve and make it even more tempting than before. Sell them that they can become like God. When they really get ahold of that, they’ll destroy themselves—just like Eve did.”

“Please tell me that I’m not offering another silly apple,” the general chided in exasperation.

The colorful, captivating figure’s entire being took on an unprecedented darkness. All of the laughter and joy was replaced with viciousness. Its eyes burned like the fires of hell. Its mouth was devoured by the deepest, darkest blackness I have ever seen. “No. There will be no more apples. That was too obvious, albeit successful. This time, we encourage the genius inside of them. We fan their flame of ingenuity. We give them the power to create life itself. In their coldness toward each other and in their greed, they will replace their own species with a technological replica. They will end humanity in favor of machines. They will create their very replacement. We start by intriguing them with the idea. We go after their entertainment, flooding their minds with endless possibilities. We give them visions of the future that seems unbelievable. Someday, their curiosity will best them and they will begin creation on this fantasy world. Once the power of creation takes hold of them they won’t ever be able to go back.”

“Yes, I see that—but what about those who resist? How do we get rid of the do-gooders?”

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence. While the question was reasonable, for sure, it was obviously annoying to the leader of darkness. The tediousness of the detail was a very real bother. The general was correct. Even I could see as I watched that a plan so dark was susceptible to the workings of a helpful mosquito determined to mess things up.

And then, the ominous luminary perked up with an idea. “We distract them.”

“What do you mean, distract them?”

“It’s so simple but so powerful. As we pollinate our brilliance to those willing to seek our corruption—power, greed, wealth, fornication—all of our greatest devices, we have to distract the resistance. We need them to see their lack. We need them to be consumed by it. We need them to embrace a technological revolution, but in small doses, until they become reliant on it. We need them to lose their focus.” It paused another moment to think, and then, its face shined like the sun. “Have you ever observed the creature they call the cat?”

“Briefly. Why?”

“I was once engrossed in an exchange between a filthy, torturous human and its cat. This human was so dastardly, it reminded me of me. It took a light and shined it to get the cat’s attention. Then, the human moved the light here and there, convincing the cat that it could eventually catch the light. But as we learned in the ancient days, light is nothing more than a mirage. It may look good, but it cannot be caught. And as the cat was distracted by the light it was completely vulnerable. Take its food, take its milk, take its babies, and take its life. That cat was as good as dead. While you are working with the corrupted on our plan, the age of the machine, I will shine lights to and fro. I will distract, divert, dismay, divide, and deter until the would be do-gooders are vulnerable, and then, their destruction will be at hand.”

The general showed the first sign of emotion as its face was covered by a cold, uncomfortable smile. “I like that. I like it a lot. I think this is a very good plan.” Then the demonic beast stood. I was again terrified by its presence, but so compelled that I refused to turn away. It went on roaring, “And when this is over, then you’ll give me what I want, right?”

“Name it. Anything you could ever ask is yours.”

“I want Michael! I want to kill the great warrior of heaven! I want him right in front of me so he can see my face as I stab him through the heart!”

The leader’s colors were as vibrant as ever as he added gleefully, “Yes—and that sniveling yes man Gabriel, too!”

“It would be my pleasure killing Gabriel—after Michael has been slain.”

“And then, the greatest prize of all will be mine. The old man will be forced to bow the knee to me and admit defeat. Then he can be chained in that horrible fire pit he gave to us, and we’ll take his beautiful heaven. Then he can bow and serve me, Lucifer the great!”

Just as had happened before, the vision was suddenly gone. I was intimidated. I struggled to process the scene and moreover, why I was privy to it. There was an uncomfortable lump lingering in the depths of my stomach. The plan was clearly in place and working and I felt powerless to stop it. And then I remembered my original vision, and the humble man that caused the forces of darkness to look away in fear—the man that I called the greatest force in the entire universe. Somehow I knew that the world had to see and know this man. I remembered my earlier thought of the helpful mosquito determined to mess up the plan.

And that’s when I knew—I am that mosquito.


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