At the End of the Speech.

This morning I watched the speech the POTUS gave in Arizona last night. Full length and uncut. Every word he said without any spin, commentary or interruption. It made me feel terrible. I have always had a sense during my life that no matter what the political ideologies the current president had that they had a deep love for the country and the people. I have always felt that even if I disagreed with the policy or direction I could believe the man was doing what he thought to be best for all of us. I could not say that after watching this speech.

Our citizens don’t need or want to hear blame. Our citizens need our leaders to rise above the petty and the frivolous to do the important work that needs to be done for all of us to thrive and prosper. A positive and hopeful tone that talks about possibility and progress would have been much more effective than the small, bitter, angry little man I watched run gravel through his hair and play the victim. This man has lived a life of privilege that none of us will never know. To watch and listen to him ramble, complain and blame all of his problems on the media was troubling and sad.

Since the POTUS is the Commander in Chief of our military I was shocked that the brave sailors who were lost in the accident aboard the USS McCain were not mentioned at all. It would have been a great time to comfort the families of these brave servicemen and to honor their sacrifice. Alas, it was more important to offer a nod and wink about a pardon to a man convicted of violating the 4th Amendment rights of dozens of people.

I was also shocked to hear the President attack a US Senator who has served this country for most of his life and is fighting brain cancer. Sen. McCain is an honorable man who voted his conscience. I have not always agreed with his politics but he is a fine public servant who should be supported and not attacked.

If it is not clear to everyone at this point that this man does not understand and cannot handle the job he has I don’t know how much more evidence a reasonable person would need. This is no longer about left v right or liberal v conservative. It is about a basic level of competence and decorum that it seems this man lacks and is uninterested in learning. At the end of the speech I honestly felt embarrassed that this man speaks for the Country I love. It was in no way presidential. It was rude and boorish and adolescent.

Heaven help us all.



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