The Best American Healthcare Plan for Americans.

Stock Images of Americans

By Michelle Railey

Are you tired of worrying about your health insurance? Are you tired of rising premiums, government mandates, unaffordable co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses?

Are you worried that congressional action will remove mandates interfering with your ability to choose a plan that is both inexpensive and covers nothing, ever? Are you concerned that your government-controlled healthcare policy will eventually be subject to lifetime caps again?

The American healthcare system is broken. It’s too expensive. Even the Australians have better coverage, according to experts in American government.

If you’re healthy, why are you paying too much just so sick and old people can have coverage? That isn’t the American way. We understand you just want your Freedom.

If you’re sick, why are you having to pay for your treatment? That’s what insurance is for.

If you’re old, the American government is trying to take away your Medicare. You need a real insurance plan. You’ve paid your dues to society. It’s time you have the Freedom to choose a superior insurance plan that fits your needs, not the needs of the young, healthy people. They don’t even have needs.

It’s time for a new healthcare plan and a new, completely market-oriented insurance company.

That’s why we are proud to present the SBA/HPA Freedom Plus Premium Plan — Simply the Best American Healthcare Plan for Americans.

Insurance. For You. For Your Family. For America.


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$9.99 per month. Pay in advance for as many months as you like. Trust us.

This offer may not be valid in all fifty states unless waivers are provided to the states permitting exclusions for pre-conditions, high-risk, and/or old patients.

Patent pending.

No payment refundable.

Caveat emptor. Et cetera.



For a limited time only, buy one month, get one free. We reserve the right to choose which month. Exclusions and restrictions may apply. This offer may not be valid in all fifty states. Or DC. Or Puerto Rico. Whatever.



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