The Outside In: Move That Picnic Table Indoors

Using Picnic Tables Indoors

Everyday's a Picnic.

Nothing says “the good life” like a decently sized kitchen, dining, or work table. In fact, I think it's safe to say that table size is one of those things that separate the men from the beasts or the boys from the men or…well, you get the drift. At any rate, there a came a day a couple months ago when I decided I had completely had it with my insufficient table that didn't fit the room, let alone my needs. (And I need not much more in life than a big table.)

So I spent two days getting our old beat-up dining room table from the farthest corner of our back yard to the dining room. This involved taking it completely apart, learning how to use a socket wrench, re-assembling indoors. These things were accompanied by all of the following: swear words, back strain, splinters, more and increasingly inventive swear words, and, finally, the man of the house saying to me “I don't know if I can get used to a picnic table indoors.” You will, buddy. Oh, yes. You will. And you will love it.

Including the man of the house, we've all decided to fall in love with the picnic table in our dining room. Now, truthfully, I'm still working on sanding the uneven, weather-beaten surface of the tabletop into something resembling flatness. My plans are to separate the benches from the old-school picnic table structure, replacing the seating with a combination of one new bench and some charming dining chairs. And, truthfully, I'm going to have to add casters to the legs to lift the picnic-height table to adult-y traditional dining table height. Oh, and I'm looking forward to adding some bench cushions, too.

It's almost a big-enough table: but, our house being what it is, we really can't go bigger. (But one of these days…)

At any rate, I'm very fond of the picnic table move and I don't for a second regret the quite-literal heavy lifting involved. Judging from the Internet, plenty of other people have discovered the charms of a daily indoor picnic…table. It's a cost-effective little fix for a table-deficit. I love that the indoor picnic table can be taken so many directions: elegant, cozy, modern.

Get picnicked: Old-school wooden picnic table with attached benches; Wooden picnic table that converts into a park bench and includes free shipping; If you also need to sand an old table, this $9.99 disc sander kit attaches to your household power drill. (All links lead to Amazon. Amos is an Amazon affiliate, so if you're shopping at Amazon anyway, why not click one of these links? For what it's worth, Amos staff would put this content and these links up even without the high-falutin' affiliation.)




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