It’s Not Easy Being Green. Unless You’re Kitchen Cabinets.

Green kitchen cabinets

Plantation, sage, kelly, moss, citron. The possibilities are endless.

Green is a perfect fit for a kitchen. It can look clean, modern, bright, fun, sophisticated, warm, homey. Our world is filled with greenery: it surrounds us and makes our world lush (and delicious). Maybe that's what makes it such a good call for updating a kitchen. Sure, the 1970s had their avocado dreary Frigidaires and fondue sets. Green now, avocado or otherwise, can be tailored to almost any mood desired. You can kick dreary to the curb with the right lighting, furniture, and accents. Windows help. And if you like the dreary 1970s version of avocado, well, knock yourself out. It's your home. Make it right for you. It's just possible that life's too short not to paint your cabinets.

And once you've painted, these things will help you recreate these looks: Copper pot and pan set, Moravian star industrial glass pendant lights, wood and rubbed bronze metal adjustable bar stools, adorable vintage look stainless steel kitchen scale, glass and metal apothecary-style canisters. And, renters, here you go: kelly green Contact paper, Plantation green chalkboard contact paper, leaded glass look window film. (Please note: all links lead to Amazon. Amos is an Amazon affiliate. This in no way affects our editorial choices or content.)



One thought on “It’s Not Easy Being Green. Unless You’re Kitchen Cabinets.

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