The “Old Man’s AOL Account Hacked” News, 3 March 2017

Inclusion does not equal endorsement.


“American Sonoma is not an actual thing or place…” USAToday, commenting on the White House’s typo/mistake in which they published “American Sonoma” in place of “American Samoa.” This follows Vice President Pence’s tweet earlier which mistakenly used the Argentinian flag to celebrate Israel, because blue and white. (USAToday; Twitter)

“A woman on NPR just said she loved Donald Trump’s speech because it reminded her of ‘La La Land,’ which she said she hasn’t seen.” Jeff Bercovici, listening to commentary on President Trump’s February 28th Address to a Joint Session of Congress on NPR. (Twitter)

“Writing a speech promising unspecified better insurance, lower taxes, better trade trade deals, and more jobs has never been difficult.” Matt Yglesias of Vox, discussing President Trump’s very presidential speech earlier this week. (Twitter)

“We have millions of donors. Our website is funded incredibly well. It’s a superfund site. If you pay attention and stop listening to the corrupt media —all those trumped up, totally unfounded charges— you’ll agree that what Donald Trump has is one of the largest superfund sites in American history.” Dr. Ben Carson, speaking in October 2016. It should be noted that high-dollar donation websites are not actually Superfund sites because Superfund sites are an actual thing. (Read about them here at the EPA, if you, like Dr. Ben Carson are unfamiliar.) As newly-confirmed Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Carson will need to address Superfund sites as housing is sometimes found in them, as is the case with the West Calumet housing complex in East Chicago, Indiana. Secretary Carson has been invited to visit the site by Indiana senators Young and Donnelly and Representative Visclosky. (Dallas Independent, WFYI


1. Out of 26 members of the 2016 Armed Services Committee, Jeff Sessions was the only one who met with Russian envoy Sergey Kislyak in 2016. (Adam Entous, Twitter)

3. Tom Hanks has sent a new espresso machine to the White House Press Corps three times over the past several years. (Jake Tapper; Twitter; CNN)

>1 Million. The number of undocumented immigrants from Mexico living in the United States has decreased by more than one million since 2007. (Pew Research Center)

Other Things:

Links: (1) Scranton YMCA stops showing 24-hour news after political fights erupt (The Hill) (2) Abortion Reversal Bill: Indiana House Rejects Science (Elizabeth Ferries-Rowe) (3) Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador at the heart of Trump’s Russia scandals, explained (Vox) (4) 5 Things You Need to Know Now (Top Headlines for the Day, The Week)


The Week’s Market at the Close, 3 March 2017:

U.S. Market Numbers March 3, 2017

Via APM Marketplace



So, Washington Post is Tracking President Trump’s Truthiness:

Via Washington Post, The Fix



Our New Secretary of Energy is Not Afraid to Be Fact-Checked:

Rick Perry Blocks PolitiFact

Just kidding. Secretary Perry totally wants not to be fact-checked. (Via PolitiFact; Twitter)



President Trump and Ivanka’s Great Big Tremendously Wonderful Child Care Thing? Regressive:

Center on Budget and Policy Priorites



That Time Bryce Canyon in Utah Broke Everyone’s Hearts with Its Beauty:

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Photograph by Ryan Buff. Via National Park Service, Twitter.


Today’s title brought to you by Gizmodo, who used the headline for their story on Vice President Mike Pence’s personal email debacle. More versions of the Mike Pence email thing: here, here, here, and here. Mr. Pence had previously been a very strong and vocal critic of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. While Mr. Pence’s account did, in fact, get hacked, sending out messages claiming he needed money as he was stranded in the Philippines with his wife without access to funds, the Vice President is currently insisting that his use of a private server is not in the least as wrong or irresponsible as was Secretary Clinton’s.



March 8: A Day Without Women, general strike (U.S.)

March 11-19: Indiana Flower and Patio Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds (Indiana)

March 18: “Encore, Once More,” 2017 Indiana Community Theatre Association Festival, Havens Auditorium, Kokomo (Indiana)



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