Carnivals of Purple, Green, and Gold: Mardi Gras Weddings

Mardi Gras Wedding Inspiration

The purple, it is said, stands for justice. The green, for faith. The gold, for power.

For a wedding, one might want to replace “power” with love.

Or, to be slightly schlocky: the power of love.

Carnival is a time of indulgence and extravagance before the lean times of sacrifice and penitence of Lent.

It's also a rollicking good time and a pretty enchanting time to get hitched. A pile of beads, some candles, a mask. Flowers and cocktails. Purple, gold, and green. And love. What more do you need?


Shop: green suede heels with bow; gold or silver Venetian domino half-mask; gold butterfly Venetian domino mask with feather; 12-pack Mardi Gras half-masks with feathers and LED lights; 144 purple, green, and gold Mardi Gras beads. (Links lead to Amazon. Amos is an Amazon Affiliate. This in now way affects our editorial choices.)



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