No, Not Pink. Ballet Pink. There’s a Difference.

Inspired by ballet pink

It's funny how pink is associated with girls and ballet.

The official uniform of ballet is ostensibly black and pink. But ballet pink is its very own thing. In some ways, it's really not pink at all: a chimerical hybrid of peach, flesh, shrimp, salmon. It's really a magical color: the color of seashell interiors, warm flushes, a non-color that breathes.

And yet, alas, search for “ballet pink” and instead of blush and bashful, one too frequently finds godawful bubble-gum, peony, carnation, full-on rose. Barbie.

Well, the true ballet pink is a color for the ages: possibly one of the finest neutrals that has ever lived. And, sure, A Chorus Line taught us that “Everything is Beautiful at the Ballet,” but we always felt, quite rightly, that everything is actually beautiful in ballet pink (or theatrical pink, salmon, blush, or nude…you can call it what you like, but we have scars on our toes and many of our old pointe shoes, so we're going with ballet pink).

So, find a bag. Buy some classic leg warmers but pair 'em with a jean skirt, flats, and a blazer. Add a very pale and subtle flush to your stucco or your bedroom. Wear the prototypical ballet pink wrap sweater to the boardroom, the office, the grocery store, to school. Wear it with everything, preferably untied. This is a color that doesn't have to be restricted to the aspiring trinas of the world.

You can wear or decorate with it too. And we think you should.

(Shopping? Adorable suede Chinese Laundry flats with ankle ties; Thigh-high leg warmers, Cable-knit throw blanket; Swank Rebecca Minkoff leather bag; Traditional Capezio ballet wrap sweater; Converse low-tops. All links lead to Amazon. Amos is an Amazon Affiliate.)



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