Check Republic: Buffalo Check for Everyone!

Known as the Rob Roy Macgregor Tartan, the Woolrich buffalo plaid, or buffalo check, this strong, two-toned gingham is shorthand for 18th century Scotland and also the 19th century American West and Northeast.

And, according to Pinterest, it’s great with leopard print. (Google it. It’s like, a thing.)

Red and black is graphically strong and always has been. Check (huh, see what I did there?) checkerboards and Western European heraldry. Check advertising: where the combination can signal either modern, or without the black and paired with yellow or orange, cheap.

Nevertheless, paired with graphic striped tops or solid duvets; worn, garlanded, scarved, or sweatered, this print has staying power.

Of course, for me, I fell in love with buffalo check with my first sleeping bag: a hunter green exterior wrapped around a buffalo check interior. By Coleman. And it smelled like happiness and family and campfire.

So, I may or may not be wearing buffalo check in the near future. Or wrapping my bed in it.

Winter is here. Cold lasts through spring. For some reason, buffalo check is better than a cup of tea or even chicken noodle soup. Classic red and black, in checks. It’s American, it’s Scottish. But it’s global in its happy simplicity.

Comfort is here, buffalo gals (and guys). Shuffle off to it, embrace it. Wear it, put it on your bed. Your comfort level will thank you. The world will thank you. (Because, seriously, look how cute this particular plaid is!)




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