LuLaRoe Stole My Soul. By Brandy Evans.

LuLaRoe leggings

All. The. Leggings.


LuLaRoe stole my soul.

Just kidding. LuLaRoe is not responsible for stealing my soul; I sold it long ago for something far less interesting. However, if someone had come along and asked for my soul in exchange for some LuLaRoe leggings I’d gladly hand it over! Being a six-foot-tall woman has its challenges, especially in the clothing department. Not only are these leggings soft and durable but they have the length. Yes, that’s right: a pair of leggings that are actually long enough for all of us amazons. I’ve found some here and there. Victoria's Secret offers tall and extra tall leggings but a few washes later and that fifty bucks I shelled out for those aren't worth the leggings that are now see-through and totally garbage unless I want to wear a shirt long enough to cover my butt every time I wear them. I am not the long tunic kind of gal; I mean, sure, here and there, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I just want to throw on a t-shirt and pair of leggings and go. I don’t want the world to see my ass or what color panties I’m currently wearing. I am not a meme.

However LuLaRoe solves that problem. Their leggings are soft—and I mean, like, buttery soft. If you hear someone say they’re wearing a pair, you could probably ask to pet their leg and they’ll totally let you and gush about how much they love them. The leggings are offered in so many different prints and patterns. The only catch is that they only sell a limited number of each pattern offered. Some of those prints get deemed “unicorns:” those rare, hard-to-find, willing-to-pay way over retail. Those unicorns are great but I’m cheap and $25 is already a little pricey for leggings, although, it sure beats the prices offered at other places for a cheaper-made version. These patterns are also offered in the other styles they offer. LuLaRoe is so much more than just leggings. They have dresses and multiple different styles of tops and tunics and cover-ups. While I own a few of the shirts in different styles and patterns, I do like them very much but not as much as the leggings.

After my first pair, I was hooked. I now have quite a collection and it keeps growing. My Facebook feed is nothing but LuLaRoe sale groups and pop up shops happening. I can’t seem to help myself. It’s like a sickness: you just have to keep looking to find that perfect-for-you pattern or color that you just have to have. Sometimes when finding your unicorns, you come across some that have really poor quality. Flawed fabric and holes that appear out of nowhere kind of bum you out and make you second guess your purchase. But LuLaRoe consultants are quick to help you replace them or find another pair in the same pattern for you. My first pair with holes, I was devastated. I had only just tried them on. I order the TC which stands for tall and curvy and they fit sizes 12-22. I’m on the smaller end of that scale (size 14) myself, so I was not even close to being too big and just stretching them beyond their means. I was hesitant to replace them for the same pattern so I settled for another pair that I grew to love just as much. I was a little worried after that, as well, and began checking all of my leggings that I was ordering, seeing where they were made and seeing if it was one country of manufacture over another that seemed to be flawed more frequently. My other pairs showed up, though, and they were perfect and, great, no holes. I bought. a few more pairs and then found myself with another pair that has holes. These were no where near as bad as the first problem pair but I paid for these and I shouldn’t be worried about holes and being stuck with them. This pattern was one I’d hunted for and hunted for and finally found. They were mine. I felt like the skies opened and angels were singing down on me when I’d finally gotten my hands on them. Imagine the disappointment when after only three hours I see the tiny holes start appear. I immediately contact my consultant and she helped me (for two weeks!) search for this pattern and finally we had a hole-free replacement pair. I was so scared that they would get holes, but this time there were no holes. I could confidently wear my leggings without worrying about my ass cheek popping out while I was working or out buying my groceries. But there went my theory that all LuLaRoe leggings made in Vietnam were bad. Working for a color guard costume manufacturing company, you kind of learn that fabrics have flaws and it's part of the business, but where is the quality control? It sort of seems like as the demand gets higher, the quality gets cheaper. I had barely even heard of this company when I got my first pair but now, a year later, almost everyone I know is hooked or is curious about purchasing their first pair.

But, even knowing the horror stories, I still love my LuLaRoe clothing and I will continue to purchase it. I’m addicted and as long as they keep pumping out those awesome patterns I’ll keep searching and purchasing. I also encourage anyone curious to give it a try. You’ll soon be hooked and feeding your addiction right along with the rest of us who look at thousands of leggings a day in search of the ones that we just have to have and can’t resist.



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