December 28, 1910

1910 Happy New Year Card

“Hello Mert — May this New Year be a bright and prosperous one for you — As ever, Ruth.”

One hundred and six years ago, Ruth sent a message to her friend Myrtle to wish her a Happy New Year. I wonder who Ruth was and if Myrtle did, in fact, actually have a bright and prosperous 1911. I want to think that both Ruth and Myrtle had a Happy New Year and many others after that.

I love the illustrations on vintage greeting cards. There was a style in the past that appeals to me, to which I respond instinctively. But more than that, there is a sympathetic magic that happens when I hold an old card or letter. My fingers are warm; so was the hand that held the pen wishing a friend a happy holiday. It's no small thing to share a pulse, however briefly, with someone across a century.

Happy New Year to you, too, wherever this finds you. May it be a bright and prosperous one.



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