By Brandy Evans: How to Avoid Being Bored

First of all, being bored is the worst! How often do you find yourselves bored? I can have a million things to do but no desire to do them. I usually find myself surfing the net, switching mindlessly between the same few apps for hours. Most of us fall into a routine and kind of get stuck there.

But why are we so bored? We pretty much have unlimited access to entertainment anytime we choose to take advantage. It’s at our finger tips constantly. Our phones, tablets, and laptops make it even easier because you have access on the go and most places have Wi-Fi these days. Shouldn’t that be enough to cure our boredom problems? No! Because we’re engaged in our electronics so then we don’t have the time to develop our creativity.

Maybe those are the things that cause our boredom: acquiring that entertainment has become so tedious that it’s a source of boredom in itself. We do not live anymore, as in: we often do not participate in any activities that involve more than just our fingertips and eyeballs, so it seem that we have forgotten how to avoid being bored and to actually do things and engage in life outside of our screens and our boxes that we keep ourselves stuffed inside of. Sometimes you have to go back and learn how to appreciate life by participating. I know some people don’t remember a time before all of the technology available now but growing up, I was never really bored, only when I was forced into something that I did not want to do. We need to find our curiosity again and find new ways to entertain ourselves, even if it means doing a few simple things to get started.

In addition to all of this though, I’d like to share some of the ways that I usually try as a way to avoid being bored out of my mind. If you really think about it, there are so many different ways to avoid boredom and here are a few of mine:

I try to have fun with whatever I’m doing. Usually time flies when you’re having a good time and not worrying about anything.

Listen to music. I know that I can find a song for just about anything. No one here today can tell me that this isn’t true. Any mood, feeling, life event, even something really tragic, there’s a song for it.

Read. This one is probably my favorite! I have spent more time with my nose in a book than any of my other hobbies or things that I enjoy doing to occupy myself. Reading offers a variety of ways to entertain yourself and escape boredom. The options for topics and subjects is pretty much endless.

I’d like to remind you that if you’re waiting for the world to come along and help you avoid being bored so often, I t probably isn’t going to happen, so get up and start engaging in life. And yes, that means even if you have to download yet another app to help you along on your new journey of avoiding being bored.


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