Holiday Punch: Red Pillows for Yuletide

“It came a floweret bright, amid the cold of winter…” -Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming

Red Christmas and Holiday Pillows

Poinsettias and holly berries. Cardinals in the snow. The stripes on candy canes. Santa’s suit. Red fits the holidays. While red and green are the classic color symbolic shorthand for Christmastide, there’s something to be said for punching a room up with just one of the two. Monochromatic red linens and red pillows are easy, quick additions to transform a room from day to holiday, especially if the red pillows only appear between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s.

At any rate, it’s a thought.

In an edition of Victoria magazine in the 1990s, there was a Christmas article in which a house “transformed” for the holidays with the simple addition of black velvet pillows throughout the home. (Beautiful, simple.) The red, shown here, is also an inspirational and simple holiday decorating thought. I mean, aside from the tree and the lights and the elf on a shelf, a simple stroke of (in this case) red can bring warmth and subtle change and a holiday punch of color.

See also: Article, “Red” (Wikipedia), “Holiday Punch Recipes” (Food & Drink), “Who Colour-Coded Christmas?” (University of Cambridge)

Inspired by red pillows? Find yours by following this link to Amazon (huge selection and we’re affiliates so it’d help us out a skosh, too.)



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