Tommy’s Halloween

Tommy's Halloween

This is Tommy's. It says so. Right on it.

In search of images for Halloween, I stumbled across this. (And let's all take just a parsec to bow our heads and be grateful to our small-g-gods, the Interwebs, for allowing us to access the images of the past, immediately, like magic. You used to have to save everything. But now? The interwebs has saved a lot of it. Thank you, interwebs.)

This card (?) or placemat (?) was Tommy's. Probably in the 1950s, although I wouldn't rule out dates twenty years prior or ten years later.

The orange and black scheme on (what I'm guessing was once called) “fancy paper,” what with the scalloped edges and all, is already pretty neat. The crookedy-nosed witches, the long-limbed cat, and the prototypically American Jack-o-lantern sort of make me want to write a poem in my very best Palmer hand. With a fountain pen. While wearing a skirt and very definitely not slouching at my desk.

Mostly, though? I just want to thank Tommy for sharing. This card/invitation/napkin/paper product from the past is totally Halloween in the mid-twentieth century USA. But mostly?

It's Tommy's.



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