The “Bologna” News, 24 October, 2016


“Maybe the best reform speech since Reagan.” Newt Gingrich, giving Donald Trump’s Gettysburg Address an A+++++

“We are winning and the press is refusing to report it. Don’t let them fool you – get out and vote! #DrainTheSwamp on November 8th!” Donald Trump on Twitter

“I feel like performative outrage is exactly what the Internet has been missing.” Matt Yglesias on Twitter

“Oh my god, drunk me is amazing!” Anonymous woman overheard in Greenwood, Indiana

Today in Links: “Average premiums for popular ACA plans rising 25 percent” (Washington Post); “Globally Averaged CO2 Levels Reach 400 Parts Per Million in 2015” (World Meteorological Organization); “Mosul Offensive: Iraqi Kurdish forces besiege key town of Bashiqa” (BBC)

It’s Not Just UN Day. It’s also National Bologna Day. In celebration, you can either have a fried bologna sandwich (just like Elvis!) or you can refresh your memory about Joseph Bologna, who starred in that TV classic, Rags to Riches (NBC, 1987-88)

Famous People Born on October 24: Domitian, Roman emperor from 81-96 CE (51); Antony van Leeuwenhoek (1632); Moss Hart (1904); The Big Bopper (JP Richardson) (1930); Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones (1936); F. Murray Abraham (1940); Kevin Kline (1947); Astronaut Susan Leigh Still (1961)

On This Day in History:

439: Carthage falls to Genseric and the Vandals

1648: The Peace of Westphalia ends the Thirty Years War

1861: Western Union completes the first transcontinental telegraph line

1916: Henry Ford grants his female employees equal wages with their male counterparts

1929: Black Thursday: the first day of the stock market crash that created the Great Depression

1945: The United Nations is formally established

1970: Salvador Allende is elected president of Chile

1973: Yom Kippur War ends

2003: The Concorde makes its final flight

Beautiful Writing for Today: ” and still we float so gently on this gloom in the grading yellow October daylight, in the night lit with candles, in the strong wood houses and barns, in the orchards where the apples fall into our hands and the leaves twist down. We sail on the land as though it’s real, our compasses pointing north, as though we know where we are. We eat sugar pears and watch the sugar maples blaze and we suck on sweet candy and smell the damp decaying leaves, and we hold tight as the boat heaves and the land pitches.” Susan Neville



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