The “You Can’t Polish This Turd” News, 20 October 2016

So last night was #debatenight. Maybe Twitter won.


“…the thing that has struck me about the past twenty years is that we’ve moved closer and closer to where we’re living on the corner where satire and reality intersect.” — Lewis Black


“Donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger. He goes after their dignity, their self-worth, and I don't think there is a woman anywhere who does not know what that feels like.” Hillary Clinton

“You can't polish this turd.” Van Jones, discussing Donald Trump's statement that he may not concede a loss in the 2016 presidential election.

“Technically, you can't polish any turd.” Anderson Cooper, responding to Van Jones during CNN's post-debate conversation.

“Periodic reminder that newspaper stories have never reached so many readers. They have a revenue problem, not a relevance problem.” Yoni Applebaum, on Twitter

“It seems to me…that there are two kinds of members of Congress. There are ones who want to make a deal, make a law, and there are ones who want to make a point.” — Susan Page

The two reasons teaching is “the most controversial profession in America:” “The first is that, throughout American history…we see that we expect teachers to really close socioeconomic gaps…Today it’s socioeconomic gaps between the poor and the middle class. So when we’re expecting teachers to do so much – and we really have a weak safety net in this country – we do set ourselves up to fight a lot about this profession and, in many ways to be disappointed in it.” The second reason is because the profession is unionized, compared to only 7% of private sector jobs which have strong unions. — Dana Goldstein


2: Super heroes have topped princesses as the country’s top-selling children’s Halloween costume. Princesses, which had held the top spot for 11 years, are now No. 2. (FiveThirtyEight, CNN)

7%: Prescription drug prices in the US are up seven percent over their prices in 2015. Overall inflation is about 1.5 percent in this country. (APM Marketplace, BLS)

1,600: The Anti-Defamation League identified 2.6 million tweets containing anti-Semitic language, 19,253 of which were sent to journalists. More than two-thirds of the tweets directed at journalists came from 1,600 Twitter accounts. (FiveThirtyEight, Anti-Defamation League)

2003: The first year that Starbucks offered its Pumpkin Spice Latte. (The Guardian)


(1) If ISIS Loses Mosul, What Then? (The Atlantic) (2) #TrumpBookReport (Quartz) (3) Video and transcript of the Indiana Senate Debate between Evan Bayh (D), Todd Young (R), and Lucy Brenton (L) (C-Span)

Upcoming Dates

10/20-10/23: Dance Kaleidoscope presents “Moving Sculptures” (IRT, Indianapolis, IN)

10/22: That 90's Band performs at Indiana Grand Racing and Casino at 8 pm (Shelbyville, IN)

10/23: Choral Concert at Butler University, 3pm (Butler University, Indianapolis, IN)

10/24: Opening day for Oaken Barrel's seasonal Apple Buzz craft cider-infused beer (Greenwood, IN)

10/29: Wild Heart and Asylum House participatory “Thrill the World” event (Indianapolis, IN)

10/29: “Haunted Hilbert” Halloween Masquerade benefiting the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's education programs. 7:30pm ($75 for three drink ticket; $100 for open bar) (Hilbert Circle Theatre, Indianapolis, IN)


11/08: Election Day. Grab your ID and go vote.



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