The “Ugly T-Shirt” News, October 17, 2016


“More people are struck by lightning or attacked by sharks than are accused of voter fraud.” Politifact, ranking Donald Trump's claims about rampant voter fraud “Pants on Fire.”

“I mean, the problem with our conversation now in the public is we don’t have agreed-upon facts.” — John Dickerson

“Popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy or perhaps both.” James Madison

“In the end, if we remain stuck in an economic climate in which stagnation and disappointment are the norms for large numbers of Americans, the most likely risks to our politics are not rogue leaders or an insurgent political party. They are endless vacillations, low levels of public trust, and political options that are stunted by a poisonous atmosphere and heavy discontent.” Don Peck

“We’re going to see more and more things that look like science fiction and less and less things that look like jobs.” Andrew McAfee, regarding the role technology will play in disrupting the workforce and labor markets in the future.

“Schools are increasingly assessed on their ability to produce good employees rather than educated minds.” John Langdon

“If any of you are secret poets, the best way to break into print is to run for the presidency.” Senator and five-time presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy

“I think we are born into this world and inherit all the grudges and rivalries and hatreds and sins of the past. But we also inherit the beauty and the joy and goodness of our forebears. And we’re on this planet a pretty short time, so that we cannot remake the world entirely during this little stretch that we have. But I think our decisions matter. At the end of the day, we’re part of a long-running story. We just try to get our paragraph right.” President Barack Obama

“Two Tums, Two Advils, and a cup of coffee.” Liz Laughlin providing the perfect hangover cure.


Today in Markets

October 17, 2016 Market Summary

Source: Wall Street Journal



Today in “Nobody Ever Talks About”

Response to Clinton Wikileaks




So, Let's Get to the Bottom of This

Barack Obama, Not in office until 2009. (Source: Comedy Central)


Today in History:

1483: Tomas de Torquemada appointed inquisitor-general in Spain

1777: British General John Burgoyne surrenders to Revolutionary forces at Saratoga, New York

1814: A beer flood in London kills nine people

1907: Marconi begins the first commercial transatlantic wireless service in the world (Nova Scotia, Canada to Clifden, Ireland)

1912: Bulgaria, Greece, and Serbia declare war on Turkey

1931: Al Capone is sentenced to eleven years in prison for tax evasion

2006: The population of the United States passes 300 million persons


Today in Household Hints: Grubby bathtub that refuses to come clean despite your hard work, elbow grease, tears, and a mountain of cleaners? Your answer has been Easy Off fume-free oven cleaner (with the blue cap). It works. You and your bathtub are now free to live long, happy lives.


Today in Celebrity Birthdays: Irene Ryan (1902), Rita Hayworth (1918), Mike Judge (1962), Mark Gatiss (1966), Eminem (1972), Wyclef Jean (1972), Nick Cannon (1980), Felicity Jones (1983)


Today in Reading Lists: (1) The Hideous Diabolical Truth about Hillary Clinton, (2) ISIS has lost Dabiq, the city of the beginning of end times


Today in “You Seem Nice…”

Green Bay, Wisconsin

This lady in Green Bay, Wisconsin today, vying for Miss Empathy 2016.



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