By Michelle Railey

Gladiolus at the Aria, Las Vegas

Gladiolus, Aria, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, if you look carefully, is a flower show. These gladiolus, well, they tried valiantly to steal the show.

They’re architectural. They’re tonal. They’re tightly interwoven, like girders in a skyscraper.

But they’re gladiolus: they’re part of the iris family but often called “sword lilies.”

At the Aria, Las Vegas, they form one part (and only one part) of a symphony of textures which never errs.

The Aria has not paid me (Amos Staff) to say this: but, texturally speaking, the Aria is a million velvets: their flowers, their lights; their walls; their floors: there is not a single surface in the Aria that is not built to speak on an aesthetic level.

It’s an amazing, beautiful thing. Down to the gladiolus. Vertical, strong, robust: yellow and green and sinewy. Even the floral arrangements at the Aria obey the vertical, the horizontal, the temporal, the structural.

If you pick one casino/hotel to walk through in Las Vegas, just for beauty’s sake, make it the Aria. Look at the surfaces of everything. The designers did not ignore a floor, a wall, a pillar, or a floral arrangement.

Everything is beautiful. It’s an Aria. It’s a song.



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