Ten Things about the Stacked Pickle, Southport Location, Indianapolis

Stacked Pickle, Southport

7040 McFarland Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46237

1.) The Stacked Pickle has nine locations in Indiana. The Southport one is still new. How new? You can still smell a faint hint of paint and drywall. Also, it’s cold inside. Bring a sweater.

2.) This location features a beautiful firepit and outdoor seating on the patio. Super-duper-inviting.

3.) The men’s room is centrally-located (says my friend who was dining with me: “that’s always nice. I like not having to walk through the whole dining room.”) and contains, so I’m told, “two stalls and one urinal.” The ladies’ room was exceptionally clean and even though I know it’s just SYSCO’s finest air freshener, it smells unusually great (seriously, like hiking in the Adirondacks on a misty summer morning or something). Someone chose well.

4.) They host Live Trivia on Monday nights at 7:30 p.m. Super fun, of course, and the top prize is a very generous $50 gift card for the winning team.

5.) Specials of note at the Stacked Pickle: Mondays feature most burgers for $5. There are $2 pints and $7 tacos on Tuesdays. Most importantly, Bloody Marys are only $3.58 on Saturdays and Sundays.

6.) Let’s discuss the Bloody Marys. The fact that it arrived to me served in a little jar was adorable and made me inexplicably happy, like I was drinking a cocktail served up straight from Pinterest’s own little veranda. It was garnished with lime and olive. Initially, I was all “where is the pickle? This place is named after pickles!” But then, I took a sip and discovered a not-very-spicy but really fresh-tasting Bloody Mary that incorporates pickle juice in it. Turns out, that’s an even brighter way to get that acidic wonderful garden-ness into the drink than just chucking a pickle in it. The Bloody Mary is worth going to the Stacked Pickle for— especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

7.) The friends I was with ordered a burger and a teriyaki chicken salad (I settled for the garnish in my Bloody Marys Mary). The burger looked okay but like a pre-made patty and I thought it seemed gray but maybe that was the lighting. The salad, similarly, looked okay: a mound of iceberg lettuce with grilled chicken, a couple almond slivers, and some mandarin orange wedges. I asked my friends how their food was. Both answered “good.” There was no raving and there were no specifics. Take from that what you will.

8.) I’ve visited the Stacked Pickle on the IUPUI campus and the location found in Greenwood, Indiana. At both of those, I have actually eaten the fried pickles. I’m going to guess that the Southport location’s fried pickle app tastes basically the same. Now, much like the scent in the ladies’ room, I’m guessing the pickles are also SYSCO’s finest. But, on the occasions I’ve tasted that appetizer, the pickles have always tasted homemade and fresh. The breading has been somewhat between cracker crumb and tempura, which is a good balance to strike, I think. Next time I visit the Southport Stacked Pickle, I’ll grab some fried pickles to accompany my Bloody Mary. You’ll find me lounging by that firepit.

9.) The service? Good enough. Very similar to the burgers and salad: no raves and about what you’d expect. No more and no less.

10.) Overall? The experience was a very pleasant one (helped along by the Bloody Marys, I suppose). There’s something just kind of nice about this Stacked Pickle. It is infinitely more welcoming and enjoyable than the Greenwood location and preferable to the IUPUI location for ease of parking, if nothing else. Worth a trip: (a) Bloody Mary in a jar with pickle juice, (b) firepit, and (c) trivia Mondays. Hell, maybe one of these days they’ll put the Bloody Mary special on trivia days. Then, well, everyone wins.



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