Redhead on bike chalk art

“Take me somewhere I’ve never been / Show something I‘ve never seen / My body’s growing restless and /

I’m drowning in my own skin. // I’ve packed up every suitcase / One thousand and thirty times /

Packing up everything I own / In the confines of my mind. // I want to be where land meets sea and /

Feel salt rush over my feet / Taking a part of me along with it…

“I want to see every wall and / Every building made of stone / Every landscape and valley and / Inside it all

feel small. // I want to capture every painting / Every word and every phrase / Every poem ever written and /

Pray that it all will stay. // I want to feel okay again and / Shake off all the rust. // I can’t help what’s in my

nature, / I can’t fight this wanderlust .”

– P.S. Blair, “Wanderlust

Image: My photo of chalk art at Black Acre Brewing. I sent a request for information regarding the artist and image but received no reply.



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