Eye Candy! Pure Nectar Handmade Soaps

Pure Nectar Soaps

Collect them all! (At the Flamingo, Las Vegas)

They look good enough to eat and they’re probably too pretty to ever use, but these little (and not so little) handmade soaps at Pure Nectar are a feast for the senses: lovely, gorgeously fragranced, with textures that beg to be handled.

While I wanted to buy them all, I didn’t. But they did have on offer gorgeous little soap replicas of the iconic Fabulous Las Vegas sign. They were scented with bergamot, citrus, clary sage, and tobacco. I may have succumbed.

The company is called Pure Nectar. You can purchase from them online or in several Las Vegas locations. The salesperson who helped me was very enthusiastic about the company and its products: all natural and animal-derivative-free.

It’s some of the prettiest soap I’ve ever seen, and if smell-o-vision internet existed, you, too, could experience something really special.

If nothing else, it takes a pretty picture, don’t you think?



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