The “Highest Rated Highest $$$$” News, 08/11/2016

Female Leaders Globally via Pew


“Hate to say it but almost everyone in my neighborhood has an ankle bracelet on.” Overheard in Indianapolis from an Indianapolis Neighborhood

“What happens when sloganeering meets reality?” Tom Ashbrook (WBUR On Point with Tom Ashbrook)

“Real sentence from a press release in my inbox: 'Donald Trump lives, works, eats, and employs people of all races and religions.'” J.B. Wogan (Twitter, @JBWogan)

“Patriotism is love of country. But you can't love your country without loving your countrymen and countrywomen.” Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) (Los Angeles Times)

“With the on-demand economy thriving, the ranks of freelancers are growing…They, too, generally lack the basic perks of stability, such as a retirement plan and health insurance. Describing one boss who compelled his workers to set themselves up as legal corporations so the company could avoid the cost of employee benefits, [Thomas] Geoghegan writes, ‘Sometimes I think: one day, every American worker will be a John Smith, Incorporated, every cleaning lady, every janitor, every one of us — it will be a nation of CEOs in chains.’ His bleak vision captures the culminating challenge facing a labor revival. That hurdle is rooted in the contemporary ethos of work itself, never mind global and technological factors: how to liberate wage slaves who are, however perversely defined, their own masters.” Kim Phillips-Fein (The Atlantic)

“We’ve talked about globalization for a long time but it may be that technological advancements have cost us even more jobs than globalization and those jobs…are not going to come back. They’re lost permanently. The real question, and one of the reasons why we should be paying so much more attention to employment, which I think is the biggest issue facing the country, the real question is whether our economy can continue to or whether it’s capable of providing enough jobs for all the men and women who want and need to work. It may be that the economy is not capable of doing that. And if that’s the case then, as a society, we’ve got to look at what happens to the people who are left out. Do we need an annual income? Do we want the government to be the employer of last resort? These are serious issues and, once again, we’re not paying attention to them.” — Bob Herbert (NPR)

Winner of Best Summer Photo Recently: Flowers in a Truck

Flowers in a Pickup Truck

via Buzzfeed, Instagram, Floret Flowers in Washington


This Week's Winner for Bad Behavior: Dan Dakich of 1070 The Fan and ESPN

Dan Dakich is a sports radio personality. He's known for calling out non-famous people on his radio show. Occasionally, ESPN will put him on television to talk. For money. So he's moderately successful. But he's not above being petty. On the evening of August 10, 2016, Mr. Dakich took to Twitter (possibly after downing a couple) and very publicly ranted about how bad everything was at a local eatery, Big Lug Canteen (4 stars out of 5 on Yelp).

When Big Lug Canteen (having been overwhelmingly attacked by a public (ish) figure who has 119,090 Twitter followers responded to Dakich with a mild who-do-you-think-you-are-buddy, well, Dakich lost his proverbial shit. Who is Dan Dakich? Well, according to him, he has “the most influential show in Indiana Radio History.” And “the most money-making show in Indy Sports History.” A couple seconds later, afraid his point wasn't made, Dakich tweeted he had “the highest rated highest $$$$ show in Indiana Radio History” (sic). Then, thinking radio history sold his show short, Dakich tweeted that he has the “Most Influential Important Show in Indiana History.”

Having defended his radio show, Dakich decided that it was time to point out (humbly) his moral superiority: “not a person n Indy has my integrity” (sic). But he didn't stop there. Oh, no. He decided to call out Q-95's Bob and Tom for cheating on their wives. And tweeted it at Bob's wife. Very classy, Dan.

Dakich kept up the rant for several tweets (now deleted). Bob tweeted “I use to respect you, @dandakich. #VeryDisappointed” (sic). Bob's wife tweeted lots of things, trying to brush it off a bit, finally saying that “I wasn't familiar with his douchenozzlery but everybody else is. He's known for this, evidently.”

And that's true, at least anecdotally. Local sports fans are familiar with Dakich filling up some of his three hours of daily radio time reading tweets from listeners and making fun of non-radio-listening people, also known as The Public. When Dakich takes calls on-air and someone simply makes a comment about sports with which Dirty Dan disagrees, he hangs up on the caller and then calls him/her stupid. Or worse.

Dakich is not world-famous. He does have a radio show (ESPN, why?) and an occasional television gig. But mainly, he's just a small, petty, egotistical man who looks down on everyone who is not him. He does this publicly; he does this with reckless abandon (what, did Bob and Tom and Bob's wife denigrate your sports opinion, Dan?) and a tendency to attack in the most intimately painful, public, and non-sports related of ways.

And, he still has neglected to apologize to Big Lug Canteen, the listeners and Twitter followers who suggested he should, to Bob, to Tom, or to Bob's wife.

Enjoy your free publicity, Mr. Most Influential. It's well-earned. And couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


August 5-21: Indiana State Fair (Indianapolis, Indiana)

August 12: Indianapolis Art Center Open House. 6-8pm (Indianapolis, Indiana)

August 18-28: Indy Fringe Theatre Festival (Indianapolis, Indiana)

August 19-20: Madison Ribberfest (BBQ and Blues) (Madison, Indiana)

August 20: WAMM Fest – wine, art, music, microbrew. 11am-8pm (Greenwood, Indiana)

August 20: 8th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival with Cumberland Farmers Market (Cumberland, Indiana)

Mid-September: Opening of Jerry Sutherlin's Round Town Brewery


(The use of quotes does not imply endorsement of persons or ideas cited.)



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