A Confession: By Leonard Pigg

I have a confession to make and what better place than here for all the world to see? I’ve known it for a while and I think some of you might have had an idea. I’m sick. I have been for a long time. I’m sick of the selfish people that ignore the world around them, caught up in a fantasy akin to a poorly scripted reality show. They spend so much time wallowing in self-loathing, they don’t realize community of friends and loved ones around them. It’s like the shoe-less man who condemns the one with no feet. I have grown weary of the pseudo-intellectuals that can rationalize ignorance and hatred, under the false-flag of patriotism.

I grow nauseated at the greed in this world. Power hungry maniacs that gorge themselves on the time and energy of others. People that want something for nothing and when they get it, still find something to complain about. They want to be coddled and adored, when all they’ve earned is a vault full of nothing. We will never be able to take it with us, no matter how much we hoard.

I’m even sicker of the people that lie to others for no other reason than boredom or perhaps they’re sick in another kind of way. I’m sick of the times I’ve looked in the mirror and still felt like I am not enough, as if nothing I’ve done will make a difference. I am sick of the hypocrisy of our friends, co-workers, politicians, preachers and lovers. Familiarity breeds contempt and I’m finding myself more familiar with the ways of this world.

Our collective apathy is a long road to a darker tomorrow. Nobody wants to help for a greater good, they need a profit. I can’t help but think we actually need a prophet instead. A truth-seeker that will stand apart and point out what’s wrong, but also how to make things better. Encourage us to believe in ourselves when there is doubt among spiritualists.

We have to stop lying to ourselves and each other. Some days it feels like the future is a heartbeat away and a bright one, then I see all the things we do to each other on a regular basis and realize if we don’t start being honest with ourselves, we are on a path to emotional extinction. If we can’t change, the next generation will be a sociopathic one that will consume us in the thick of their own avarice and self-loathing.


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