The “Literally, With a Bulldozer’s License” News, 23 June 2016

Trevor Noah quote

The Daily Show, Comedy Central

“Heavy metal bands and the Insane Clown Posse tap into our feelings of outrage. It doesn't mean that Violent J has a good plan to get a bill through Congress.” Mike Pesca (Panoply, Slate, The Gist)

“…the 45 percent of the country who think we're going in the wrong direction…they've figured out that they don't necessarily have to like or love the candidate for president…They want someone who will go to Washington literally with a bulldozer's license and just fix things.” Barry Bennett, senior advisor to presidential candidate Donald Trump (R-NY). Literally. (PBS NewsHour)

“There's no magic to the phrase 'radical Islam.' It's a political talking point. It's not a strategy. And the reason I am careful about how I describe this threat has nothing to do with political correctness and everything to do with actually defeating extremism. Groups like ISIL and al Quaeda want to make this war a war between Islam and America or between Islam and the West. And if we fall into the trap of painting all Muslims with a broad brush and imply that we are at war with an entire religion, then we are doing the terrorists' work for them.” President Barack Obama (PBS NewsHour)

“We'll either have a gun debate…in this country…or we're going to have a terrorism conversation. We don't seem to be capable of doing both at the same time. Why is that?” Chuck Todd (NBC, Meet the Press)

“…People get shot every day in the United States and the president does not go give a press conference about it…” Matt Yglesias, discussing the acceptance of high gun crime rates as part of American culture and society. (Panoply/Vox, The Weeds)


Undocumented immigrants make up a little over two percent of Indiana's prison population. (PBS/WFYI, Indiana Week in Review)

Roughly 80 percent of terrorist attacks on Americans since 2000 have been committed by American citizens. 85 percent of the people killed by terrorism within the U.S. Have been killed by guns. (Sarah Kliff, Panoply/Vox, The Weeds, FiveThirtyEight)

There have been about 1000 mass shootings in the United States since Sandy Hook. The FBI defines mass shootings as those involving four or more people. (Sarah Kliff, Panoply/Vox, The Weeds)

The limited-time only addition of the Loaded Bloomin' Onion appetizer (bloomin' onion with Aussie fries on top) on the menus at Outback carry a hearty 2,360 calories. (APM Marketplace)


So, There's This:

Kinder egg vs assault rifle

The Kinder egg has been a banned product in the U.S. since 1938 because the candy inside might pose a choking hazard to American children. The assault rifle is, of course, legal to buy or sell in this country and there are more places in the U.S. to buy guns than there are Starbucks locations (7,049) or, for that matter, to purchase a Kinder egg.


And Somewhere in America, This Person:




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