Television Overload. By Leonard Pigg III

Peace is not utopia. I haven’t been in a fight in quite a while. However, I feel no inner peace. Every day we are inundated with an orgy of violence and sales pitches. Anvils dropping on cartoon characters heads. Presidents declaring war on evil-doers. Jerry Springer episodes. Cops on TV using minorities as punching bags. Kids in Third World countries too lethargic to swat the fly that crawls across their eyeball. Idiotic criminals caught on tape. Rap videos in which the artist enacts a fantasy of a gangster’s life. Extreme dating games. Another dead celebrity. Lords of Rings and Dungeons filled with Dragons. Video footage of animals attacking. Another celebrity for the umpteenth time. Football playoffs. Televangelists smacking people on the forehead and begging for your donations. Another damn Pilates infomercial. Commercials for fat burners, which are ephedra-free and guaranteed to work. The news depressing us with gloom and doom. Low carb Atkins diet-friendly foods. Creams and gadgets to facilitate hair removal. Fast food commercials. Girls Gone Wild commercials. Fascists posing as journalists and commentators. Overpaid over-actors who would be better suited as punching bags. Then again, who the hell wants to watch the Weather Channel all of the time.



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