Notes from the Leper Colony (To Mr. Trump and To You). By Ojijaak.

Summer window/Ojijaak

Among the People, the Algonquian nations, there are traditions of clan. I came to this tradition and to my clan late in life after I had lost what should have been my path. Here, I shall attempt to recover my vision and my Manitou.

Ojijaak, the crane, looks outward, sees all, listens carefully, speaks little, but speaks last. The Crane Clan embodies these characteristics, and is responsible to the People for making educated decisions and leading them after listening to all and learning. Words are few, but highly valued. I am of the Ojijaak, but I have made many mistakes, I have left my path, and now, late in my life, I must find it again. I am Waanaki, my path is to find and bring peace to the People. By that, I mean all people because if some are restless, all are threatened.

There are some who sow turmoil for their own purpose. There are many more who cannot see that they do not live in a world of many people. There is room for all.

What would our peoples be if those who came before did not share with those who came later and with nothing? If the children of Nanaboozho had refused to feed the people from the sea, or if a great wall had been built at the shore, who would you be?

If King George had not given the land that was not his to give, who would you be? Is it not wrong to take what another has stolen? White people call this “receiving or possession of stolen property.” If you had followed your own laws, who would you be?

Mr. Trump, to many of us, your people are illegal aliens. Your words are offensive. You should find a quiet place where you could be alone and find a new way. You should not sow turmoil among those who are ignorant and lazy.

These are the words of Ojijaak.

This article and its photograph originally appeared at and is published here with permission.



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