By Leonard Pigg


In the beginning we were a team, taking on the world.

I should have known better than to trust a girl.

You buckle under pressure that didn’t exist.

Then you seem surprised when I got pissed.

Your kiss turned cold, your company got old.

Even an alchemist couldn’t spin you into gold.

I’m sorry that I hate you, I can’t help myself.

I thought you were with me, but you’re out for self.

Wicked eyes, many lies that you like to tell.

So far from the truth, like a demon in hell.

People still ask me how you are, I said we’re about as close as the nearest star.

We don’t socialize, you couldn’t look me in the eyes.

If love’s a competition, you are not the prize.

Always trying to get over, but keep falling under.

Cross my path again and you will feel my thunder.


Leonard Pigg III’s bio can be found on the About page.



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