The “Global and/or National Running Day” News, 1 June 2016


“Researchers found that when people felt powerless, they were more likely to say that race, class, and gender disparities were justified…No, life’s not fair. And in a cruel twist, our wish to see it as fair keeps us from making it so.” Matthew Hutson (The Atlantic)

Hillary Clinton has “been good on kind of individual specific things — sometimes too specific. She’s been weak, I think, on translating that into a grand vision. Trump has exactly the opposite problem. We all know what he wants to do: Make America Great Again. You can put it on a hat. But his specific plans for doing that are…very vague, at best, and totally changeable.” Ruth Marcus (NPR; WAMU The Diane Rehm Show)

Christina Hale “brings all kinds of things [to the John Gregg for Governor ticket]. She’s been an outspoken and very effective advocate on women’s issues. She brings youth. She brings a concern on environment and education. She brings geographic diversity, having been raised in the region and now lives in Marion County. She comes from a Cuban-American family. She brings all kinds of things to the ticket to complement him and yet she is not the echo chamber that [opponent] Mike Pence surrounds himself with.” Ann Delaney, discussing Democratic candidate for Indiana governor’s choice of Christina Hale as a running mate. Mike Pence (R) will have Eric Holcomb as his choice for lieutenant governor. Unless he boots him out prematurely as he did with Sue Elspermann. (WFYI; Indiana Week in Review)


A room at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC will be priced at 550 dollars for a one-night stay when the hotel opens in September. (Molly Ball, The Atlantic)

The United States has killed 25,000 ISIS fighters to date. (Pentagon; Panoply/Slate The Gist)

Approximately 2.6 million infants born today in the world will die before their 30th birthday. (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; APM Marketplace)

“…the number of Chinese older than 65 is expected to rise from roughly 100 million in 2005 to more than 329 million in 2050 — more than the combined populations of Germany, Japan, France, and Britain.” Howard French (The Atlantic)


June 6, 7, 13, 14: Free admission at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium

June 12-18: Irvington Folk Festival, Indianapolis

June 21-23: Free admission at the Field Museum of Chicago

July 2-9: National Cherry Festival, Traverse City Michigan


Currencies and Futures at the Close of June 1, 2016June 1 2016 Currencies and Futures


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And, it’s National Running Day. Or Global Running Day, depending which Internets one consults. Our favorite runner and contributor, Kandice Casey, is in the (ahem) running to be on the cover of Runner’s World. You can vote for the author of such Amos classics as “How to Sell Your Closet” and “For the Love of the Run” right here. Please vote for Kandice. Every vote helps.



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